31 Days of Blogging – 10 things that makes ME really happy

31 days

day-02 what makes you happy

10 Things that make ME  happy

1. Horses –  I always wanted a horse; from the days I was only 5 years old. But never ride one until last year in Egypt. Man, that day was a dream come true for me!

2. Music  – I don’t imagine my life without music. I used to fall asleep while listening to music. I finish my PhD Project with music from kiss Fm. Es. I did suffer a lot after the stolen of my laptop in Uganda along with 85GB of music. And I don’t imagine a day without my favorite band, Rammstein!

3. Children – don’t ask why cause I don’t know. I do get along very well with children and I love spending time with them. That’s why all my volunteering activities were only with children.

4. ReadingI Still remember the moments my mom used to tell me the bedtime stories. Later in high school reading became a passion, reading at least 3 books per weeks. University came, jogs along and hanging out. The books vanished from my life. Luckily my laptop got stolen while volunteering in Uganda and I had a lot of time and there I discovered this passion. I finish all the books found in the volunteer house; and there were plenty, trust me!

5. Beer – a cold beer on a hot summer day or after being on the road with your backpack for the past 10 hours. That moment, that sip is precious!

6. Coffee – call it Ethiopian Coffee, Vietnamese coffee or turkish style. It’s the perfect start of the day with a smile!

7. Travel – it all started with Rammstein and continued with 31 more countries visited. From all 10, this makes me the happiest!

8. Meeting people while traveling – and then to keep in touch with them. I like making friend for life in my travels I do find that sort of people!

9. Going out – with friends, a girlfriend (when I have one), partying (not late lately due to ageing :D).

10. Sleeping – If I do not sleep at least 8 hours a night our you do interrupt my beauty sleep, I will probably be sorely all day long. If you mess with my sleep, you mess with me!


by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.