31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 22

These challenges are getting more and more personal. Or I associate all these themes with the personal stuff.

What does make me uncomfortable? Talking does. And these are a bit too personal so I am not going to go very deep. Having a talking problem (call it stuttering) made me uncomfortable talking normal with people. Or put me in so many uncomfortable situations; I lost count of all.

Like many things I started, at some point I lost interest in it and did not try to finish them all. This happened as well with these issues; the cause is more at issue rather than a problem. But like many things, projects, ideas I have in mind and at some point I do manage to finish them, I did promise myself I close the deal with these one one.

Working in progress….

by Vlaicu Sorin

Traveler, trying to be a photography, hostel lover , backpacker, beer hunter. In search for the perfect place.