5 Way to Get to Cardiff from Madrid – Champions League Final 2017

The Champions League this is will be held in Cardiff on 3rd of June. First leg of the semi-finales has just ended and the 2 finalist are almost know: Real Madrid and Juventus. The opponents fans of the team  Athletic Madrid and Monaco are still hoping for a mircle for the return games but changes are low.

The madrid fans are already looking for the best and cheap option to travel from Madrid to Cardiff. For this kinds of events, the airlines are the hotels know already that it would be a full house and people will pay no matter what to get to Cardiff to see their favourite team wins.

Today we will focus on how to get from Madrid to Cardiff and not to be needed to make a bank loan for that!

  1. Madrid to Cardiff Flights – Direct Flights

This is the most expensive option. At this moment only Ryanair has direct flights from Madrid to Cardiff. At the price is more than 700$/person. At this price I think it would be cheaper to see the game on the beach in Thailand or on a bar in Ho Chi Minh along with friends and lovely girls! If you can afford it you can still book it online – Kiwi.

Total Price – 704$


  1. 2. Madrid to Cardiff Vuelos – via Bristol and Palma de Mallorca

Direct flights will be always expensive during special dates as it is the Champions League Final. Second option is to fly close to an other airport not Cardiff.

The closest airport to Cardiff is the Bristol International Airport. The airport is located only 55 minutes away from Cardiff. From Bristol to Cardiff there are the following options:

  • Bristol to Cardiff by train.The Airport Flyer Express leaves up to every 10 minutes and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It takes around 30 minutes and drops you right outside the railway station, making it easy to connect with onward rail services across the UK. Direct train from the airport will take you to the Cardiff Central Station. You can book directly here.

Price – 43 Euro for the Train and Flight 402 Euro. In total the second option it would be 445 Euro. Cheaper then the first option but still expensive.

Second option from the Bristol Airport to Cardiff it is by bus. National Express Coach from Bristol to Cardiff is only 26 Euro. You can book here online the tickets.


For this option price is 428 Euro per person.

  1. 3. Going directly by flight from Madrid to Cardiff is expensive even if you choose a different airport, Bristol and any other airport located to Cardiff.

If you don’t have enough money but we have more time this flight option is the best for you.

Flight 1 – Madrid (MAD) to Geneva (GVA) (Switzerland). Price for one way ticket is 23 Euro per person. For other flights schedule check and book online via momondo or kiwi.com


Second Flight – Geneva to London for a total price starting from 59 Euro. You can book online either on Momondo, Tripsta or Kiwi.com










Third segment is by train from London to Cardiff for the price of 41 Euro per person. Two ways it would be 82 Euro because, of course you have to come back from Cardiff to Madrid as well. You can choose the bus option as well; either Megabus or National Express. Round trip would go up to 10 Euro only!

Fourth Segment is the return flight from Cardiff to London. Ticket price on Momondo is only 36 Euro, baggage is not included – this in case you are planning to steal the Uefa Champions League Trophy from Cristiano Rolando!










Last returning flight is from Geneva to Madrid, the second day after the Champions League Final in Cardiff . Prices are low as 31 Euro on Momondo.

The total price for this third option is 164 Euro. Wow! So it twice cheaper than the second option and not to mention the direct flight from Madrid to Cardiff which was 704 Euro.

4. Do you like to see any other cities on the way to Cardiff? You can have a clara in Barcelona, enjoy a croissant and coffee in Marseille and a tea in London before going to the game? Let’s see how much this option it would be. Remember that for this option we need at least one day to arrive to Cardiff. So it would be better request the holiday leave for one week at least!

  •  Madrid to Barcelona. There are plenty of option to travel from Madrid to Barcelona. From bus, train or even flights. Vuelo Madrid Barcelona is 50 Euro during those days. Renfe is 33 Euro and Ave is 45 Euro. The cheapest option but the longest one is by bus – Alsa from 8 Euro/way. We will go with the cheapest option from Madrid  to Barcelona.

  • Barcelona to Marseille is the next segment of your trip to see the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus on 3rd of June in Cardiff. Renfe (train in Spain) is 39 Euro and the bus from Barcelona to Marseille is 25 Euro. In this case I would probably go by train being more comfortable. Flixbus has many departure per day from Barcelona.



From Marseille to London there are 3 ways. First, the most expensive one is by train. The price is 352 Euro with voyages SNCF. A bit expensive I would day. Second and the fastest option is by flight. A direct flight with RyanAir is 99 Euro.  The cheapest was to travel from Marseille to London is by bus – fares start from 60 Euro and it takes up to 20 hours – it would be a hell of the journey if you choose to go by bus!


The final bus  to go to Cardiff is from London. One way ticket either via Megabus or National Express  starts from 1 Euro (if any offer from Megabus) or up to 6 Euro from National Express.

So how much it would cost this one day trip from Madrid to Cardiff? Only 196 Euro. Still, is the second best but it can the first fun and the journey of your lifetime to see your favourite team win the ChampionsLeague!



by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.