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Update 2017: Kensington Hostels is not available to be booked only. You can book other hotels close to Kensington as Astor Hyde Park Hostel.

When you are searching for a hostel in London, the first button you tick is the price one. You don’t care much about facilities, fabulous location next to Prince Henry of Kate. No, you want to see the lowest price. London is such a damn expensive city and hostels as well. Coming back from Asia, where I paid 2$ for a room, paying 25 pounds for bed per night was..speechless! So i picked Astor Kensington.

Address and Location : 138-140 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7, 4HA. The closest Tube station is Gloucester Road, which is on the Piccadilly, District and Circle lines. 5 minutes walking from the Natural History Museum, too.

Atmosphere & Facilities: The common room is a party room after midnight. I can say it’s a wild party room. I could not sleep because of time difference ( coming from Asia), the noisy and of the cold; is heat was not working properly in the room. If you are looking for a party hostel this is the place for you; otherwise I suggest to look for a different place.

Cleanness & Rooms: Dorms are comfy but a little bit crowded, the lockers being located in the room. There are two communal bathrooms per floor and they are clean. They are single bathrooms with one toilet and one shower per room. Quite few if you arrive in high season.

Services and prices : breakfast is included. I suggest you to find a hostel with breakfast; food is also expensive in London. The breakfast consists of fruit, cereal, and toast with a large selection of spreads and fruits; also coffee is included.

The prices for a bed in the 6 dormitories start from 25 euro per night. I am not sure if this hostel is still opened. On the chain webpage does not appear anymore.

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by Sorin

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