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Location: Turmi, Ethiopia. As I was saying in the review of Yashmine Pension, there are only 2 places to accommodate while visiting the Omo Valley tribes; Jinka and Turmi. While in Jinka there are decent hotels and guesthouses, in Turmi we are talking a whole different language. There’s only an expensive resort but the prices are around $ per night; and I am not working at Google to have that money.

There are 3-4 other places like this in Turmi and seems all are quite the same. They all  looked like they were stable for animals; or brothel (can still be in) or places where the slaves were kept. While coming from Arba Minch this  hotel is on the left, just before heading left to Consort Road where the others are  located.

.Turmi Hotel - condoms

Busm Hotel Turmi – the condoms 

Turmi Hotel Busm Hotel Turmi – Outside the Hotel

Atmosphere and facilities :

Let’s put it this way. There is one bed, one pillow, one chair, quite clean sheets and a pack of 6 or 8 condoms. I think its all you need for a perfect but short stay in tune. The village has not electricity and runs on generators. The only places to charge your electronics it at the shop close by. We were the only fringe in the hotel so it was quite an evening.

Turmi Hotel Ethiopia

Busm Hotel Turmi – The Room

Not the same thing to be told about the morning. A roster started its concert around 5 in the morning and kept going for the same hours. Same morning,  a different song.  A Muslim prayer started the ritual in the morning. To be honest, it was a very nice show; he had a nice voice and the song was interesting enough to keep me awake. Imagine after a long day I went to be around 9-10 so the sleep was fulfilled.

Prices and rooms: It was the cheapest place I stayed in Ethiopia; actually not from all the accommodations. Cheapest one was $1,5 on Rabbit Island in Cambodia.

The price of the room was 100 Birr which is $5; breakfast is not included in the price. I afforded to sleep alone this time; Mircea snores were getting louder and louder and I need a quiet night. And I got it; to be honest, I slept excellent in the bed; the pillow was quite hard but the bed was good. Did not care how dirty the sheets were. Mission accomplished: I finally managed to get some rest and a good sleep!

The toilet and the shower are located one to each other; the smell was not “popular”. Hot water? Dream on; actually in the morning the water a little bit warm due to the sun shines which intersects with the water.

Turmi Hotel WC

In the end, it was not such a bad accommodation. No bugs or other insects in the room.  I would probably stay in the same place if returning to Turmi.

Recommend it: 6/10

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