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Citystay Mitte Hostel – Berlin – Review

When you have such a big range of hotels from your to choose from, the little details matters the most in the decision of booking the right one. In the City Stay Mitte Hostel case was the indoor garden/place.

Location & Address : Rosenstrasse 16, Berlin. 5 minutes walking from Alexander Platz and just in front of the Berlin TV Tower. As well as close to the Museumsinsel, just 10 minutes walking. What I liked about the location was its proximity to the coolest area in Berlin; the museums, the bars, the clubs and the shopping areas.

Atmosphere & Facilities: Berlin its well known for having the best clubs in the Europe. This translates into a cool and young atmosphere at the hostel. And the party goes on at the hostel 24 hours a day / 7 days a week due to the fact that has a great bar on the ground floor.


The most things I liked at Citystay Hostel was the outdoor terrace where you can stay in awesome swing and have a beer along with a cheap pizza. Yes, you can order pizza as well at the hostels.

Maps and internet are free of charge; they always should be in any accommodation.

Cleanness & Rooms: Rooms are clean; nothing to complain here; and big! The 10 beds dormitory was big enough for 20 people. Other hostels might have put another 5 beds in the room for extra money; not city stays Mitte in Berlin.

The showers and the toilets are not located in the same place; each type in another place. The showers look very strange, like a box and are motion sensors regarding the lights. So you have to move all the time in order to keep the lights on. And trust me, it’s very odd to wash in the full dark 😀

Services and prices : Breakfast is not included but there are so many places where you can have it in Berlin ( included in the hostel) so you don’t have to worry. Supermarkets are close and the Bretzel is cheap and healthy.

The prices at this hostel in Berlin starts from 9 euro per night in the 10 beds dormitory. WOW; for a hostel in Berlin and the facilities  it’s offers it’s a good deal! If you are booking a private room you have to pay 25 euro per night.

Recommendation : 8.5/10.

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by Sorin

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