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Destination Inspiration: San Juan, Puerto Rico


If you’re in search of amazing places to explore in Puerto Rico vacation but have no idea where to begin the journey, you’ve arrived at the right place. Puerto Rico is a rather tiny island but it’s residence to tons of natural wonders, tourist magnets, and amenities to visit.

Though, most of the best spots are hidden treasures that only Puerto Rico residents would know about. The island is divided into several parts, each of them having its locations to be worth visiting.

Lucky for you, the most interesting can’t-miss places are on our list. Keep reading to make your vacation journey the most remarkable, even in comparison with the book of ra gratis adventure.

Old San Juan

Most of the tourists start exploring the culture of Puerto Rico from the Metro area with Old San Juan being its center and the most iconic and historical city on the island. The cobblestone streets offer 500-year old architecture, local cuisine, and cultural landmarks. Tourists can drive around the pastel-colored colonial city using Garita Carts, free golf carts used a taxi.

Most interesting sights are located just in the Old blocks of San Juan, including La Fortaleza state residence that is still in use, the Spanish fortress Castillo San Cristobal, El Morro citadel of the 16th century, Cuartel de Ballajá, and visit the birthplace of pina colada. If you are a real foodie, Puerto Rico has lots of nice restaurants where tourists can try national and creole cuisine. Fish tacos right at the beach. What can be better?

El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers all about nature. Hence you leave San Juan and move to the east, El Yunque Rainforest is waiting for you. It is located on the Rio Grande and is only one hour’s drive from the city. This tropical forest is home to more than 240 kinds of trees, amazing birds, local species like the coquí frog, and a stunning landscape.

The forest takes 28,000 acres of an island that contains 25 waterfalls, a few rivers, and antique petroglyphs of Taíno creators. It is the only tropical forest in the USA.

La Parguera

Travel to La Parguera in Lajas may become a two-and-a-half-hour trip from San Juan, but it is certainly worth it. Placed on the southwestern flank of Puerto Rico, the village offers many grounds to come there. Enjoy local meals and drink an original Puerto Rican cocktail in the Malecón, a seaside location with bright souvenir shops and gorgeous sceneries.

If you are a risk-taker, you can snorkel in the closest bioluminescent bay, explore the Island’s best hike, bike, kayaking, scuba diving, go birdwatching, or take a boat to observe tons of tiny mangrove islands. Tiny micro-organisms in the sea make a luminescent effect when annoyed, delivering the waves a mesmerizing bright blue shade.

Discovering Puerto Rico rich in various species of birds and sea creatures is available in Cayo Enrique, Caracoles, or Mata la Gata.

If you stay longer, you can be lucky enough to catch a glimpse at a dolphin or manatee on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Vieques and Culebra

Discovering Puerto Rico is impossible without a visit to its stunning beaches. There are some smaller islands close to the main coast of Puerto Rico, and most of them have picture-perfect sceneries, turquoise waters, and white sand. If you had a dream of that postcard beach escape, this is the place to arrange it!  There are several locations to visit.

Flamenco Beach is a spectacular seaside location on the main Culebra island. It’s frequently admitted as one of the finest beaches in the world, and it’s an excellent place to snorkel and dive.

Culebrita is a smaller island located next to a big Culebra island. Culebrita offers six gorgeous beaches that tourists can explore, presenting you with plenty of alternatives. The island itself is uninhabited, making it the ideal destination if you plan to avoid big crowds.

The Vieques island has a small native population and a few famous beaches to choose from. If you plan to enjoy an excellent balance of fewer crowded islands but not totally undeveloped, this choice can be for you.

Tourists can get to these vacation islands from mainland Puerto Rico using three ways. The first is by air. Travelers can take a very fast flight from San Juan or the town of Fajardo. This is the fastest route, though it is more expensive than the other two.

The other two routes are by the sea.  Tourists can either take a Fajardo ferry or reserve a shorter boat tour. The ferry passage is about $2 on each side, so if you’re on a budget this is the right way to choose! Most of the small boat tours will even offer lunch and diving or snorkeling activities.

Note: If you start discovering Puerto Rico from San Juan, be sure that it takes around an hour to reach the neighboring town of Fajardo, the place where the ferries leave. In most boat tours logistics to and from Fajardo are included in the price.


Today, discovering Puerto Rico is to dive oneself right into the center of the island’s tremendous history, the beauty of nature, learning culture, and tasting unique flavors. So arrive in Puerto Rico to discover it for yourself!

So, when are you planning to go on your Puerto Rico vacation? Or perhaps you already visited Puerto Rico? How was your experience?

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