Discovering the Amazing Rajasthan An Exotic Wildlife Adventure


Discovering the Amazing Rajasthan: An Exotic Wildlife Adventure

The journey across the enchanting province of the state of Rajasthan, wherein the wealth of palaces meets harmoniously with the wilderness of its teeming animals. Besides the grandiose castles and bustling marketplaces there’s a concealed biodiversity treasure trove waiting to be observed.

Greetings from Rajasthan, the location of the ideal wildlife safari luxury vacation, where each moment turns into an adventure, and every sighting is spectacular.

Best time to Visit

Depending on your excursion Rajasthan luxury tour can be taken during any time of the year. For the luxury wildlife months from October to March offers the best weather conditions. Weather is nice during the winter season and it makes it perfect during this time for exploring the outdoors and wildlife observations. As the scorching sun of summer fades away and monsoon rains turns the land in a beautiful lush green haven.

This in result renders the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks a perfect setting for an encounter with nature.

Here is a list of some locations which are must visit.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is located near the junction of the Vindhya and Aravalli Mountain ranges. This wildlife sanctuary attracts both the photographers looking to catch animals in their natural settings as well as the wildlife lovers.

Ranthambore is acknowledged for harbouring an extensive number of royal Bengal tigers, offering an exceptional opportunity to see these amazing creatures in their natural surroundings.

Enjoy exhilarating safaris through wide-open grasslands and dense woodlands, in search of glimpses of sloth bears, tigers, leopards, and an array of species of birds. You can also visit Trinetra Ganesh Temple, where Lord Ganesha is depicted with three eyes.

There is Kachida Valley nearby Ranthambore which hosts a large population of panthers and sloths. Following a fun-filled day of wandering, the luxurious cabins set away in the forest provides an idyllic haven, packed with unparalleled luxury and warmth.

Keoladeo National Park (Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary)

Discovering the Amazing Rajasthan
Discovering the Amazing Rajasthan

For bird enthusiasts, Keoladeo National Park is a hidden away magnificent wonderland that is ready to be uncovered. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this location is comprised up of wetlands habitat, swamps, and vegetation.

This site invites birds who migrate from every corner of the planet, particularly throughout wintertime.Delight in the spectacular sight of hundreds of thousands of bird’s species soaring the air, featuring graceful cranes, storks, brilliant kingfishers, and agile prey birds.

Appreciate the sights, smells, and sounds of the environment’s symphony while you take a stroll, take a bicycle, or ride a rickshaw all through the sanctuary’s grounds. A wonderful combination of comfort and tradition could be discovered in the luxurious guest rooms of the adjoining heritage resorts, providing you an inside look at Rajasthan’s imperial hospitality.

Desert National Park


Explore the unspoiled splendour of Desert National Park by embarking on an excursion into the centre of the Thar Desert. This natural shelter, which spans vast tracts of sandy dunes, rocky structures, and scrub vegetation, and is habitat to an extensive number of creatures which have adjusted to surviving in the desert.

When you proceed out for an arid landscape safari, maintain your attention fixated on the distant horizon in the expectation of capturing a sight of the evasive desert fox, Indian bustard, or formidable desert monitor lizard.

Experience the unbelievable grandeur of the rising and setting sun when they paint the sand dunes in colors of scarlet and gold. Following sightseeing throughout the day, retreat to luxurious tent resorts tucked deep underneath the dunes of the desert, where modern facilities merge flawlessly together with the welcoming atmosphere of Rajasthan.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

An additional jewel in Rajasthan’s environmental crown, Sariska Tiger Reserve comprises an interesting terrain of grasslands, rocky hills, and scrub-thorn dry woods. Enjoy a safari-style jeep excursion of the sanctuary, exploring serpentine pathways that take you to historical temples, breathtaking bodies of water, and isolated regions teaming with fauna.

Equip for a photo opportunity to capture sights of a number of herbivore and species of birds, in addition to discrete hunters like the Bengal tiger, leopards, and jungle cats. After sightseeing throughout the day, retire to any of the luxurious accommodations close by to luxuriate in exquisite dining and relaxing wellness treatments.

Bengal tiger
Bengal tiger

Other than the aforementioned locations your Rajasthan’s Wildlife journey can also be headed through following sites:

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, situated just 65 km from Udaipur. Spread across Aravali range, this sanctuary hosts many endangered species, such as chinkara, sambhar, hyenas, sloth bears, nilgai and jackals etc. There are numerous herbal trees all around.

Then there is Mount Abu Sanctuary which is part of the region’s subtropical forest. Species like Indian fox, pangolin, Indian leopards and grey jungle fowl can be encountered here.

Sorsan Wildlife Sanctuary or popularly called as the Sorsan Grasslands, is a bird sanctuary located just 50km from Kota. Sights of orioles, quails, weavers, robins, partridges, teals and pintails along with migrant birds like larks, starlings, warbles and flycatchers can be caught while visiting here. Famous for offering safe haven to black bucks, Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is 210km from Jaipur in Chhapar village.

With birds like eastern imperial eagle, ring doves, cranes, black ibis, skylarks; it is a birdwatchers wish come reality. Within its wide grasslands Desert fox and cat can also be seen.


A wildlife safari themed luxury vacation across Rajasthan delivers an ideal combination of luxury, thrilling adventure and activities, and the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of the natural environment.

Each moment guarantees to be a memorable one, whether you are following tigers in Ranthambore, enjoying bird watching in Bharatpur, or wandering through the barren desert landscape. So, assemble your everything you need to proceed on an exploration trip, and lose yourselves in the allure of Rajasthan’s unrestrained sides.

by Sorin

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