Don Muang Airport Bangkok (2024 Arrival & Departure Guide)


Residential Don Muang Airport Guide is known for its namesake airport, which offers domestic and regional flights. Around Chang Akat Uthit Road, unpretentious cafes serving Thai and Western food cater to travelers, as do low-key hotels and lodges. The Royal Thai Air Force Museum shows fighter jets, bomber aircraft, and royal helicopters, while nearby IMPACT Arena hosts pop concerts by big-name global performers.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok is the secondary airport in Bangkok after Suvarnabhumi and serves mainly low cost airlines as AirAsia, NokAir and many other. It is located 10 km from the downtown Bangkok. It mostly serves low cost airlines as AirAsia and does mostly domestic flights come and go.

Before the opening of Suvarnabhumi, the airport used the IATA airport code BKK and the name was spelled “Don Muang“. After Suvarnabhumi opened for commercial flights, the spelling was changed and as “Don Mueang” it now uses the airport code DMK, though it still retains the ICAO airport code VTBD so both options are correct to be used.

There is no direct train from airport to downtown Bangkok. The Dark Red line is under construction and will be ready in 2020 later the year. Every time I go to Bangkok (quite often – every 3 months – for my Visa Run from Yangon) I see the progress of the line. Last time Mo Chit was not anymore the end of the line and more and more stations are to be open this year.


Going from Don Muang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport – Don Muang Airport Guide


A. By Shuttle Bus  – Time 1 hour to 2 hours – Cost – Free of Charge  – 0 bath

The distance from Don Muang Airport to Suvarnabhumi airport is 46 km. Depending on the hour of your trip can take up to 2 hours. In normal conditions ( early morning or late evening and weekends) it takes 45 min to 1h. Last type I used the bus shuttle service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Don Muang it took me 1h and 30 min but it was during the rush hour. So take into consideration at least 2h when booking flights from different airports in Bangkok.

The free shuttle bus runs daily   between from early morning (05.00am) till midnight (24.00pm).

The hourly schedule   8.12am – 11.00am  and 16.12pm  – 19.00pm – every 12 minutes

and 30 minutes between 05.00-08.00am & 11.30am – 15.00pm & 19.30-24.00pm.


Where is the Shuttle Bus Located  – Don Muang Airport Guide

Don Muang Airport – 1st Floor – Exit 3

Suvarnabhumi Airport – 2nd Floor – Exit 2

How much cost the shuttle from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi Airport?

The service is free of charge. You only have to show them your flight ticket confirmation for your next destination. They only look at the flight hour and date (which has to be on the same day). No one checks the flights information so you can only change one of your old tickets in order to get the free transfer between the airports in Bangkok. Sometimes I have a flight in the next morning and I do need a hotel transfer but it would be too expensive from Don Muang so I take the free shuttle to Suvarnabhumi and then the car from my hotel close to Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

B. By Taxi – 45 minutes – Cost 500 Bath 

This is the easy way to get between the airports. Usually taxi asks for the double amount as it used to normal cost. The normal taxi fare between Don Muang and  Suvarnabhumi Airport is 400 to 500 Thai Baht which is around 15$. While Uber has some problems in Bangkok you can use the other popular taxi app in Thailand and South East Asia: Grab. Get a grab voucher code before going to Bangkok.

C. By Bus & Metro – 2 hours – Cost 109 bath (3-4$)

Don Muang Airport Guide
Don Muang Airport Guide Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi

If you don’t have a valid flight time, you might not get on the shuttle us (you can always change a previous ticket in word!) you can use the the third option.

First you have to take A1 or A2 bus to Mo Chit BTS Line. The ride takes around 20 minutes and costs 30 bath per person.

mo chit to Phayathai
Mo chit to Phayathai

At the Mo Chit BTS take the BTS Sukhumvit line to Phayathai and ride 6 station. Cost of the ride is 34 bath and takes 10 minutes. From Phayathai BTS station you have to change to Airport Link  (SRTET City)  line and take the direct train to Suvarnabhumi; cost for this segment is 45 bath

Going from Don Muang Airport to Mo Chit BTS or Chatuchak Park MRT – Don Muang Airport Guide


Don Mueng Bus
Don Muang Bus

There are 2 buses from Don Muang – A1 & A2. A1 runs every 5 minutes and the final destination is Mo Chit BTS Train Station. A2 runs every 30 minutes and the final destination is Victoria Monument. Cost for both buses is 30 bath. You don’t have to buy a ticket up-front. One person will come on the bus and ticket has to be paid to her.

The A1 & A2 & A3 & A4 & A5  buses are to be found outside the exit #6 to 8th.

BUS BMTA Bangkok Route
BUS BMTA Bangkok Route

The price is fix at 30 bath per person and while there is still a person which collects the money directly from you the last time I have been in Bangkok before the coronavirus pandemic they have started to implement a payment app as well so it would be more easier in the nearest future and buses in Bangkok will finally go cashless.

A1 BUS ROUTE – Don Muang Airport

1. Don Muang Airport
2. Kasetsart University (Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd)
3. Mo Chit
4. Chatuchak Park
5. Mochit 2 / Northeastern Bus Terminal

A2 BUS ROUTE – Don Muang Airport

1. Don Muang Airport
2. Kasetsart University (Viphawadi Rangsit Rd)
3. Chatuchak Park
4. Mo Chit
5. Saphan Kwai
6. Ari
7. Sanam Pao
8. Victory Monument

A3  BUS ROUTE – Don Muang Airport

A3 Bus takes a different route from Don Muang Airport and goes straight to Lumpini Park from where you can easily connect with the subway of Bangkok.

Don Muang Airport Guide
Don Muang Airport Guide

A4  BUS ROUTE – Don Muang Airport

A3 Bus takes a different route from Don Muang Airport and goes straight to Sanamluang.  Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, Bangkok and the location close to this spot so if you have a hotel close to these area and Chinatown in Bangkok this is the bus for you.

Don Muang Airport Guide
Don Muang Airport Guide

Going from the Mo Chit BTS station to Don Mueang:
From Mo Chit BTS, take exit 3 and at the end you want to take the escalator down on the right. Once down to street level, then walk around 40 meters and wait for your bus. Please note that there are other buses that go to Don Muang but their station is outside the terminal and you have to cross the roads.

Don Muang airport Nearest BTS Station

From DMK, the nearest BTS station is the Mo Chit BTS Station. The nearest MRT station is the Chatuchak Park MRT Station. But this thing is due to be changed soon.  Monorail link planned for Don Mueang airport will connect it directly to the BTS Green Line one of the most used BTS lines in Bangkok for the tourists.

Apart from the BTS Green Line, Don Mueang airport will also be connected to the high speed train linking U Taphao, Suvarnabhumi.

That means soon even if the buses will be still available to run the easiest way (but not the cheapest will be by BTS and train)

Don Muang Airport Uber

Uber is not available anymore in Bangkok or somewhere else in Southeast Asia. They have sold their shares to Grab Singapore the leading riding app in SE Asia. Grab is very popular in all countries in Asia from Malaysia to Myanmar or Singapore. I used it most of the time while I travel.

While is still not 100% regulated in Bangkok, except from the airports when Grab drivers are not to welcomed by the other taxi drivers it can be easily used and cars are very new and excellent drivers. Once I have used a Grab Moto as it was very traffic in Bangkok on a Friday night and I have almost lost the flight if it were not for the crazy driver. But in the end got the flight in time!

Going from Don Muang Airport to Khao San Road – Don Muang Airport Guide


Good news for travellers who have their hotels or hotels located close to the party & backpackers area of Bangkok -Khao San Road! Starting from April this is (2017), a new line – A3 is running from 7am-11pm. Price of one way ticket is 50 baths.


1. Don Muang Airport
2. Tollway
3. Sirat Expressway
4. Yommarat
5. Lan Luang
6. Phan Fa
7. Democracy Monument
8. Wat Bowonniwet
9. Khao San
10. Sanam Luang

Don Muang Airport Guide
Don Muang Airport Guide


Going from Don Muang Airport to Sukhumvit – 40 minutes

Sukhumvit is the ” the place” to be in Bangkok. I love that area because you have everything there – malls for great shopping, massage parlour – normal and “bad one’s, cinema’s, great range of restaurants, cool coffee shops and a great selection of hotels! Almost every time I stay in Sukhumvit; either hotel or hostels.

The second reason is that it’s very easy to get from Don Mueng Airport to Sukhumvit without changing to many buses or lines.

First you have to take the A1 & A2 bus to Mo Chit BTS (see above) and then take the BTS Skyline to your closest station in Sukhumvit; either Nana Plaza or Asok. Nana Plaza is a bit crowded and I usually choose a hotel close to Asok – which is very close to Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok.

From there take the BTS in the Bearing Direction and get off to the station which your hotel is the closest.

Fare from Mo Chit to Asok is 45 bath/person. For longer distance expect to pay more; for less station the cost would be less.



Don Muang Airport Luggage Storage


Simple, fast, and cheap this is how to describe the luggage store in Bangkok Airport of Don Muang. You can pay only after taking your baggage. Easily located near Exit 9 on the ground floor or Terminal but very close to Terminal 1–like right around the corner.

They look at your passport, take your bag, and give you a receipt. To get your stuff you show your passport and your receipt—payment was 69 baht for my one bag.

For storage, they give you first 3 hours for free. So if you plan to go for a little shopping outside airport it can be free of charge!

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