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Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur

For the first time in Asia, for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We were staying 2 nights in the first part of our trip in KL and one day at the end of the 2 month trip in the same city. We were looking for a cheap and clean hotel or at hostels. We flew to AirAsia from London (unfortunately there are not flying from Europe, anymore) and they were just opening their first low cost hotel in Kuala Lumpur).

 Let me explain what makes a low cost hotel; its strange because we are used to hear only the low cost flights words. The basic room includes a bed; mainly a double bed. And that’s all that you pay for $5. What do you need more from a hotel? We are going there to sleep not to cook, paint or used it as our office. If you want more you have to pay; if you want air conditioning, we have to pay; need WI-fi in the room,extra money baby. Want TV in the room or towels, need to pay. Why to charge you before wanting to use the above items? The idea is a brilliant one. And there are plenty of tunehotels in Asia and even 2 in Europe (London and Edinburgh).

Location: 316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. 40 minutes from the Low Cost Airport, Kuala Lumpur, 15 minutes walking from the Petronas Tower and 5 minutes walking from a shopping center. The area is a safe one and the monorail line station is just in front of the hotel.

Atmosphere & Facilities: It’s not a hostel so it does not have dormitories and its quite hard to meet other travelers. Not impossible, but harder.

Internet is free, but the time I was accommodated at Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur some of the PC were broken and you had to stay in line to check your email and post new things to Facebook.

Don’t despair  if you don’t have money for AC, a ceiling fan is included in the basic price. The other facilities you have to pay in order to have it ON in your room cost about 5 euro a day depending what you earned. For example a Cozy Package Consists of Air Conditioning (12 hours), Towel (1 unit), Entertainment Package, Internet Connection (24 hours).

Cleanness & Rooms: Rooms are very clean, but very small; bathroom the same. if 2 people want to walk in the room they can not do it on the aisle, simultaneously.

The rooms (some of them) do not have a window so the air in the room might not be so fresh a mildew smell can persist in the room.

Services and prices may vary depending on the time we are booking in advance. For a booking 4-5 months in advance, we may pay no more than $5; but if you are booking lets say one week in advance we might pay triple. It is the same system as the airlines use it.

Recommendation: 7/10. For a solo traveler, Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur is not a perfect location to stay. For a couple is a great location and the price is a decisive factor.

Where to book online for Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur: http://www.tunehotels.com/downtown


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by Sorin

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