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Garden House Hostel Barcelona

First time in Barcelona for a longer period. It proved to be for almost one year, so you can imagine that we will find a ton of interesting things about Barcelona here. Let’s talk about Garden House Hostel Barcelona. I needed a hostel close to my University, safe and a quite place So I pick Garden House Hostel Barcelona, even if it’s not located centrally.

Location: Called’ Hedilla 58,  Barcelona. As I mentioned before, I was looking for a quite hostel not a central one. It is located in the  residential area of Horta. By metro you can easily reach the city center; there is a 30mins ride by L3 (the green line) and goes directly to Plaza Catalunya. You don’t need to worry about the noise because the street is a main road for the cars.

Atmosphere & Facilities : I have stayed at this hostel twice and every time I would go to Barcelona I would definitely stay here. The patio garden allows for solitude in quite  or great  conversations with new friends you just meet. If you are in for a movie, the movie room (newly renovated in 2011) it’s a perfect place to spare some time after a busy walking day in Barcelona.

Kitchen in fully equipped; and when I am saying fully I mean you can cook whatever you want because they provide all the necessary stuff for you; except food of course.

If you don’t have a laptop there are 3 PC downstairs (1 euro/hour) when you can post your Facebook status. For the ones with a laptop or an iPhone WI-FI is working great, outside, inside or in the room up-stairs.

Cleanness & Rooms: What I really liked about the rooms? They are big and spacious! You can dance in the middle of the room and you still have space for another activity.  The bed is  comfortable and big.

Bathrooms are as well very clean and the showers have that buffer zone where you can put your clothes and not get wet.

Services and prices: Breakfast is not included, but there is a supermarket close to the hostel and the street is full if typical Spanish pubs. You know, those little things and quite dirty. But I love them because the food is cheap and very good!

The 10 Bed Mixed Dorm price is 11 euro and if you like to be accommodated in a private  room the price is 22 euro.

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