Flying Pig Uptown Hostel Amsterdam Holland (Review 2022)


Flying Pig downtown Reviews

Finding the perfect hostel accommodation can be very hard. First, because it’s one of the most expensive cities regarding prices of a bed in a hostel. Below 20 euro we will never find anything decent enough. Being such a party and smoked city almost all hostels are very noisy.

Best option for me what Flying Pig. There are two flying pigs; one is downtown and one is uptown. In the end, I decided to go with the Uptown which proved to be the best option.

Location: Vossiusstraat 46, Amsterdam. Just next door to Vondelpark; the area is more a residential one and business office. Also the Museumplein is close to it. Cute is the best word to describe the area.

How to get to Flying Pig Uptown Hostel Amsterdam

From Schiphol Airport

flying pig downtown reviews
flying pig downtown reviews

By Bus from  – Take Bus 197 from outside the arrival terminal. Get down at Museumplein stop and walk towards the Volden Park. Hostel is located on a quite street towards the park.

Bus Train – this is the easiest way and best way if you have many baggages. Trains run every 7 minutes from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal. Take the SPRINTER towards Amsterdam Centraal and get down at Amsterdam Lelylaan station; from there walk 1 minute towards the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel.

Flying Pig Downtown Reviews (Personal)

Atmosphere : When I am looking for a hostel, after price the atmosphere of the place is the next factor i am taking into consideration. An atmosphere for me means the hostel to have a bar downstairs! Here you can stay all night now without getting worried about the night buses, taxis ripping you off or getting robbed. In Amsterdam, getting high  and then trying to find your way to the hostel can be an adventure itself.  So a bar downstairs can solve all the about problems. Flying Pig Uptown has a bar which is functional only after 9 or 10 if I remember correctly. You can sit either at the bar, at a table or if you are lucky you can stay on the soft pillows and a nice girl with a guitar can be next to you. Or whatever you are dreaming after, you know…

Cleanliness & Rooms : Rooms are not that big but we go to Amsterdam to party not to sleep so it does not matters if the bed is soft or not. Bathrooms are OK; shower at least on the 3rd floor is a little bit creepy; it’s more like a box. Strange but there are a lot of strange things in Amsterdam.

Rooms are not that clean but this is mainly because of the young travelLers who don’t give a shit about it. No elevators for this hostel either and if your room is on the last floor, it’s a pain in the ass!

Security : It’s OK but an extra eye on your belongings would be all right to have.

Services and prices: Breakfast is included; it’s a must in Amsterdam because the prices are not that low. So a healthy free breakfast is recommended to have before starting to stroll around the city. The smoke room is a great idea.

They have a free walking tour of the city available daily.

The price for the 14 Bed Double Dorm is  14 euro  but I would recommend the 8 bed dormitory; it’s more quiet and clean. The price for this option is 23 Euro per night.

Where to book Flying Pig Uptown Hostel.

Recommend it : 8,5/10.

Map & Direction for Flying Pig Uptown Hostel


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