Getting a job in Zanzibar

I am not sure why I did not have this idea in mind when I started the African Journey. Maybe because I am too lazy and wanted only to have fun, enjoy, feel the culture and the way the people live.

Last 2 days in Zanzibar had been very quiet. Traveling alone can allow you to meet and interact with fellow travels very fast. The first encounter was in the water while swimming. Cam, a french Moroccan  guy was a bit friendly and very talkable. In less than few minutes we were good friend and the night was spent tougher at some beers.

Joining us were to be an American girl, Amy, based in Joburg and a french guy Daniel. Daniel and Amy met on a Spice Tower in Zanzibar and Kam met them on the bus while heading to Paje. And they decided to share a room tougher cause it was cheaper that way. And all met me after that.

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Daniel just started his one year traveling, heading from Zanzibar to Mauritius, South East-Asia and South America. He decided on this trip to learn English. It was very funny to try to understand him. He is the most funny and spiritual French I have ever meet! Seem that the Montpelier guys are like him.

Cam has his passport full of visa; almost 31 countries visited; worked several years in Australian and was an English teacher in Japan. And on the 11 of June was his 25th birthday.

So all 4 newly meet friends went on foot to Paje by Night a restaurant 20 minutes walking from Domukuchu. One more person joined us at the table. Daniel invited a german lady which has Turkish  origins. He was alone cause her brother, husband got his and the husband couldn’t join her. She is here for Kite-in, sport that he practiced for 5 years already.

Good food at Paje by night, nice atmosphere and a surprise cake made for calm birthday made the night a very nice one. At one point Daniel left the table and head to the bar. His purpose: to get a job! Out of the sudden! He will be traveling for one year so he said why not! Same age as me and almost same life principles.

He actually gets a job as a beach boy – sealing kite lesson to the tourist- but he would have been paid by commission so he said no. Seem that in Africa you only have to ask and you might get what you desire.

The way back to the accommodation was decided to be done on the road not on the beach. Seemed not to be such a good idea. After 5 minutes of walking a car started to follow us. The guys inside the car told us that they are the police. Well, the car had no police sign and they were not wearing any uniform. Began all of us to walk a bit faster; the car was still following us and the light was open in order to see better the road. Finally, we managed to reach our hotel safely and the car stopped to follow us.

The next day we were to find out that they were the Police; they called the owner of Domuku, telling him that we looked a bit scared and they just wanted to protect us. Tanzania is getting better and better and till now is big, pleasant surprise.

A job in Zanzibar? While not know; have other plans in the near future. But seems that many people found the PLACE in Zanzibar and started a small restaurant business.

You can find your own place wherever you want; only need to want to find it….

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Zanzibar Paje Beach


by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.