Going on a Long Trip? Here’s How to Secure Your Car While You’re Away


Car theft is rampant in different areas, and the thieves are increasingly getting savvy. They can use smart keys and use various techniques to avoid detection. Therefore, you must be vigilant when it comes to securing your car and take appropriate preventive measures to keep it safe. Here is how you can secure your car while you are away from home.

Lock Your Doors

Make sure you lock all the doors before leaving the vehicle. You also need to shut the windows. After locking your vehicle, remove the keys and keep them in a secure place. When you are in a restaurant or any public place, make sure your car keys are secure. Put them in your pocket or purse instead of placing them on top of the table when you are enjoying your food or drink.

Choose Secure Parking Space

You must be cautious about where you park your automobile when you are in a new place or city. If possible, look for a secure garage to park it and make sure it does not have public access. Do not take chances to leave your vehicle in the street if there is an option of all in self storage with CCTV, PIN access, and secure units. When you park your car in a safe place, you are rest assured that nothing can happen to it.

Install Anti-theft Device and Alarm System

You should install an alarm system if your car does not have one and use an anti-theft device like steering or gear lock. When someone attempts to enter your vehicle, it will emit a loud sound from the alarm which can deter the potential thief. There are different types of alarm systems available, so you can choose something that suits your needs.

Install an Immobilizer System

You can also consider installing a vehicle immobilizer system to prevent tech-savvy thieves who can bypass the ignition and steal your car. An immobilizer system will disable the vehicle so that no thief can steal it. You must look for a professional technician with knowledge of vehicle computer systems and wiring to install the immobilizer.

Additionally, you should also install a tracking system that will help you recover the vehicle in the event of theft. The system uses GPS technology to emit a signal that helps the police recover your car faster.

Remove all Valuables From Your Vehicle

Make sure you remove all valuables from the car since they attract thieves. Never leave your cell phone, purse, or other high-value items in a visible area inside the vehicle. It is a good idea to keep valuable items in the truck before you leave home.

You should not shift the items in a parking lot since you may not know who will be watching you. Everything you do should not attract thieves.

Many people often fall victim to car theft, and some have their vehicles damaged by thieves leading to the loss of valuable items. However, you can take a few precautionary measures to deter thieves. You can get peace of mind if you keep your car secure. You also need to be alert when you are in a different place.

by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.