How to have comfortable tent camping?


Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that people from all over the world love to have when they find free time. How to make tent camping comfortable and pitching a tent is relaxing but what about the comfort?

In the past, camping in a tent was not so pleasurable. Hard ground and no sleeping equipment aggravated campers to have the camping trip that they want. Today we have a different story. Outdoor manufacturers make products that enhance the outdoor experience.

camping furniture
camping furniture

In this article, I will tell you which camping gear is right for you if you want to have a more comfortable camping adventure.

Comfort camping gear

Camping has evolved through the years and we should be glad that it did. Today you can opt for equipment that will enhance your sleeping, cooking, and other parts of the adventure without having to spend too much money.

Here is the gear that I recommend.

Which tent to get?

Do you have a tent yet or do you need to get one? If you will have to buy it you must consider its features to decide which one will suit your needs.

When it comes to comfort, it is best that you opt for a camping tent that is waterproof, stitched well, has enough space, is breathable, has easy-to-use zippers, enough windows and entrances, and organizational pockets to store the small essentials.

camping tent
camping tent

Camping solo

If you will go camping alone then you will get a tent that fits you. It must be long enough and wide to provide at least some level of comfort. If you are claustrophobic then a bivy tent isn’t a good idea since you will have space only for sleeping without space for anything else.

Camping in a group

I love group camping since I have plenty of friends who like to spend time with me in unknown places. If you have friends who would love to go camping with you or you will take your family outdoors I recommend getting the best canvas tent which is one of the most comfortable camping tents on the market.

how to make tent camping comfortable
how to make tent camping comfortable

Canvas or cotton tents are highly breathable and waterproof due to the fibers. When it’s raining these fibers shrink and make your tent waterproof. Still, breathability won’t be sacrificed since we are talking about natural fiber tents.

These tents are usually used by campers who want comfort so they are mostly meant for glamping. High ceilings and the top of the roof will enable you to enjoy inside and arrange your camping equipment as you wanted.

Sleeping/relaxing gear

Sleeping on hard and cold grounds is never easy since there is a big chance that you won’t get enough quality sleep and wake up with terrible neck pain. This isn’t something that should happen on camping since you came here to enjoy every moment.

Avoid such issues and have comfortable camping nights by getting the right sleeping equipment.

Sleeping pad/mat – How to make tent camping comfortable

Getting a foldable sleeping pad or mat is important since it will make you padding. It will protect you from the cold grounds and make you sleep on a soft surface. These products have an insulating function so they are almost urgent when camping in the wintertime or in cold temperatures.

Sleeping bag

Spending the night in a sleeping bag is wonderful since you will be warm. Put a pad on the floor and then place a sleeping bag on it. With this sleeping system, you won’t need to pack blankets to cover yourself because the insulating feature of a bag will take care of it.

how to make tent camping comfortable
how to make tent camping comfortable

Inflatable pillow

We shouldn’t forget about the camping pillow that isn’t the same as in your home bed. Air pillows are great for such activities as camping since they will spare your packing space. It will give you head and neck support as your home pillow. All the work that it needs is to fill it with air and you won’t need an air pump to make it functional.

Camping cot

If you won’t opt for a pad you can get a camping cot that will provide an elevated sleeping experience. Its major benefit is that you won’t be sleeping on the ground so cold won’t reach you. You can place a sleeping bag on or cover yourself with a blanket.

Get a deckchair

A deckchair is a piece of gear that I always take with me. Lying in a foldable deck chair after I eat my lunch or dinner is very suiting. You can fall asleep in it or watch the landscape in front of you.

Camping furniture

Every camper who wants to have comfort on his outdoor journey should consider furniture that is meant for outdoor enjoyment. Where will you sit and eat? Where will you place the cooking and other equipment?

There are plenty of good products that you can use. Having foldable tables, chairs, cupboards, and wardrobes will help you to achieve the comfort that you seek. If you will camp in a big tent then placing these items won’t be an issue.

how to make tent camping comfortable
how to make tent camping comfortable

Cooking equipment

I don’t know about you but I like my camping meals fresh and warm. This is why I pack some camping cooking gear with me. I bought a cooking set that folds so I can store it even in my backpack. It includes a cup, a pan, a pot, and a kettle so I can make different kinds of meals and drinks.

Cooked meals are suitable especially in the bad weather when you crave something warm. I highly recommend it.

Invest in comfort

If you are not an adventurous type of person and you don’t intend to build an emergency shelter, hunt your food and sleep on the hard ground then I suggest that you consider my camping gear list. All of the mentioned items come in handy and will make your outdoor trip more pleasurable.

If you will go camping by yourself then you won’t get a chance to pack all these items but you can opt for some of them. I hope my gear ideas will help you to enjoy camping for many years to come.


by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.