Important Things You Need To Know About Vaping While Traveling


If you are a vapor, then you must understand the rules for vaping in different countries. The laws about vaping differ from country to country, so it’s important to know what your rights are before traveling abroad. This blog post will discuss vape regulations for many popular destinations and how they apply when you’re traveling with an e-cigarette.

Different Countries, Different Laws

In some countries, vaping is completely prohibited while in others it’s not even regulated. It depends on the country where you’re traveling and their laws regarding electronic cigarettes. In most cases, however, there are restrictions for bringing your vape gear with you when going to another country so make sure that you check up on this before booking a flight or buying a ticket anywhere, so make sure to check for vaping rules while on holiday to prevent any problems and inconveniences.

Japan has one of the toughest laws regarding electronic cigarettes as they completely banned them in public places such as hospitals or educational institutions.

You need to be aware of how much liquid nicotine can bring into different countries as well because if they don’t have any specific rules about e-liquids then chances are good that customs will confiscate them but only after taking a few hits from the first which isn’t nice either. So keep these things in mind when planning to travel somewhere else with your beloved vape devices and e-liquids.

Bring Extra Batteries And Chargers

Don’t forget to bring chargers with you since most batteries are now rechargeable, but e-cigarettes aren’t the only ones that require one, phones or other devices may need charging as well, so collecting all cords and adapters beforehand is a wonderful way to save time. Vaping devices come in different shapes and sizes, some are small while others have giant batteries which can last for hours after being fully charged.

The more power the battery has the more likely it will be bigger but that’s not always true since there are mods out there with very powerful batteries that aren’t necessarily big at all. When you’re lugging around heavy vaping gear during travels, make sure that your luggage doesn’t exceed weight limits by checking them online if possible because excess fees would suck when coming back from an amazing vacation where everything was fine until this moment.

Do Your Research

This is one of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your vaping experience will be a great one. There are tons of vape shops out there, but not all of them have good customer service or sell high-quality products. So obviously you need to find places where people say they provide excellent customer service and their e-juices taste amazing.

Some websites allow users to rate every shop on a scale from 0 – 100, so try finding these sites as well and check each store’s rating before going there or buying anything online in case you run out of certain supplies.

Restricted Areas

The great news is that you can legally vape in most outdoor areas. However, vaping indoors may still be prohibited, though there are many exceptions to this rule depending on the area and establishment. It’s important to know what your rights are before vaping anywhere – even if it seems okay at first glance!

For example, some people might think of their hotel room as a safe place to smoke since they paid for it already, but this depends entirely on how restrictive your accommodation provider is with regards to smoking cigarettes in general. If they banned all types of smoking inside the property then bringing an e-cigarette into your hotel will probably get you into trouble too.

So always check whether or not vaping inside is allowed when reserving your room – you don’t want to get kicked out of your favorite vacation spot! This is also true for aircraft, trains, and public transport. While some airlines allow vaping inside their planes, others only permit the use of e-cigs in designated smoking areas. Continue reading below to find out which countries have banned vaping altogether so that you can avoid any unnecessary trouble when traveling internationally.

Store Your Vape Supplies Securely

Now that you have your vape mod, e-cig mods, drip tips, and more all together in one place it might be tempting to toss them into your bag or suitcase. This may seem like a good idea but can cause problems if some of these items are not stored correctly. The last thing any vaper wants is for their beloved equipment to get ruined during the trip.

Several things need to be taken into consideration when traveling with vaping supplies so they remain safe throughout the journey. First off, when traveling it is important to put all of your vaping supplies into a specific case or container that can be locked. This way nobody else in the household has access to these items and you don’t have to worry about them spilling open inside your bag and causing havoc on everything else in there.

If you don’t have a carrying case for your vaping supplies, they should at least be wrapped in cloth and put into the bottom of an overnight bag or suitcase. Second, when traveling with vaping supplies it is important to pack them in your carry-on bag or luggage. This will ensure that you don’t leave the house without these items and can use them immediately upon arriving at your destination.

Nobody wants to be stuck at the airport wishing they had packed their mod before leaving for security purposes. Make sure everything fits nicely inside of whatever container you are choosing to keep all of your vape gear in while traveling. If any piece does not fit properly then choose another container because there is a chance this item could break or spill open and cause problems.

The final thing you need to know is that vaping while traveling can be a very rewarding experience. You get to meet new people, experience different cultures and locations while enjoying your vape. Just remember the tips mentioned in this article if you want to enjoy vaping on a trip.

by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.