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Don’t Miss These 8 Amazing Experiences In Las Vegas!


If you’re visiting Las Vegas, there are a lot of things to be excited about. Considering you may have an itinerary in place already, there are many gems that may get lost in the sheer number of amazing sites that wait to be visited. However, we have a list of 8 amazing experiences that you can enjoy during your stay in Las Vegas for the best adventure of your life. Apart from the most popular destinations such as the Hollywood Boulevard, MGM Grand, and the Las Vegas Strip, you can indulge in these activities that will keep things quirky yet fun.

Curious to know where to begin? Let’s get right into it!


Las Vegas Walking Food Tour

Las Vegas Food
Las Vegas Foods ve

If you love food and often get the munchies, this plan will make sure that you take an extensive tour just to treat your taste buds. Indulge in an evening to walk to the best spots with a self-guided tour. These are more casual and affordable as compared to the hundreds of dollars you’d pay a tour company, with the choice of visiting the Aria,  the Arts District, Fremont East, and also the famous Chinatown.

With hundreds of eateries and street-style goodies available at walking distance, you can walk along the pavement, clicking pictures and munching on delicious meals. The best part is that walking will help with the calories if you worry about not getting enough exercise on a vacation!


Take the  Pioneer Trail to Explore Las Vegas’ History


Every tourist’s dream is to enjoy the best destinations but avoid the crowds. We for one know that Las Vegas can be incredibly populated by tourists and residents alike since the city is always bustling with activity 24/7. You can evade the crowds during peak hours and explore the history of the city with the Pioneer Trail. It is an interactive map that leads tourists through the most historically significant places that may not be noticed generally.

Take a drive and check out the former house of casino mogul Benny Binion. You can also see the strange Old Mormon Fort. The destinations are a blend of spooky, quirky, and interesting, all embodying the essence of Las Vegas. What we love about the Pioneer Trail is that the tour is free!

Poolside Lounge with Bottle Service at the Strip

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip


The party spectacle Vegas has changed drastically due to the pandemic. Even though the country is slowly opening up, nightclubs are kept closed. A few of them have rebranded themselves as lounges to open up, so you can enjoy the poolside and order bottle service without the risk of huge crowds. While the music is still great, you need to make a prior reservation as there is a restricted capacity for attendees. If you and your friends want to dance, book the areas by the cabana or daybeds. However, always make sure to exercise sanitization and wear a mask while not using the pool!

Visit the Fremont Street Experience


The Fremont Street Experience is a must-visit Downtown tourism site that is a thrilling experience. You can visit exciting attractions such as the Slotzilla zipline and enjoy the bright neon lights and classic Vegas aesthetic. The overhead high-definition Viva Vision video canopy is worth visiting since they got an awesome new makeover. The promenade has a new addition called Circa which is now the largest resort in Downtown Las Vegas. If you love sports betting and are above the age of 21, take a night to step inside the world’s biggest sportsbook.

Spike your Excitement at Adrenaline Mountain

Adrenaline Mountain is a famous outdoor entertainment complex in the midst of the desert with enough experiences to get you pumped up with adrenaline. True to its name, you can do a lot of cool stuff like getting a Dune Buggy Las Vegas Rentals for off-roading in an ATV. You can also try out driving a monster truck, and get some target practice with archery and ax throwing. With shooting ranges, adventure sports, and more, the thrills are endless!

Enjoy the Display of the Bellagio fountains

Las Vegas
Las Vegas


Like many movies that have shown you a peek at the Bellagio Fountains, you need to watch it in person. This is perhaps one of the coolest and free things to witness on your Vegas trip and is best done at night. Watch more than a thousand fountains blasting water almost 500 feet in sync with the most amazing music by world-famous artists. There is a fountain show held every 15 minutes at night and every 30 minutes in the day.

Walk into the Nostalgic Neon Museum

The Neon Museum Brings together most of Vegas history at one place, with guided tours of neon signs and marquees used in the past from casinos and businesses that have since then faded away. The place is even more stunning to visit at night. Make sure to visit “Brilliant”, which has a 30-minute display packed with lights, video, and music bringing the most popular old signs back to life.

There is also a special exhibit as an ode to the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas’ first integrated casino, in the La Concha visitor center. You can catch the exhibit until the late summer.


Gear up for a Desert Hike

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon

Touring historical places, malls, aquariums, and casinos can get homogeneous after a while. Change the rhythm of your tour and get in the mood for some offbeat adventure with a desert experience. The desert landscape just outside of La Vegas has hikes you can indulge in and give your muscles some exercise.

Don’t miss the breathtaking view of parks such as the Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and the stunning Grand Canyon. Make sure to pack smartly for the weather. Carry lots of water, SPF, and start too early in the day or late in the afternoon to avoid the sun’s blistering heat and catch the best view.


As you can see from the places we mentioned above, you have a huge list of places that a general tour would probably not spend too much time on. Take the road less frequented and plan your own Las Vegas trip to get the most authentic experience with our little guide!

by Sorin

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