How to Listen to Absolute Radio Online

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Dear visitor,  You appear to be in a country where this service is not available. Please click here for more information.  The Absolute Radio Team.

This was the message that appeared to me while I tried to listen to my favorite online radio, Absolute Radio UK. I’ve been listening online for the past 3 years and a half. Suddenly I couldn’t not listen to it anymore! I switch to other stations but I could not find that vibe anymore!

So, I looked for other ways to listen to it online.

First I logged into my  TuneIN account. It worked! It was possible to listen online Absolute Radio Abroad. I was happy once again! But my happiness did not last for long. After 2 days these services were blocked too!

Last weekend I discovered Hola- an add on which can be used via Chrome and Mozzila and Unblocks censored sites with free VPN proxy. So that means you can listen absolute radio from any country in the world, once again!!

Steps to listen to Absolute Radio Online Abroad:

1. Instal the Hola Add-on – it’s free. Can be found here. ( Working) on Windows, Apple and Android devices).

2. Open You don’t need an account to access it. Go to the Absolute Radio Page – link here!

3. Click on Hola Add-ON, on the right of your browser and unblock the site you want; in our case I tried with the official website of Absolute Radio but it did not work for unknown reason.

You can set as your location UK or even Ireland (its working – even if for a few seconds there will be the unavailable message).

Advice: do not log in in your Tune into account. You will probably log in with your Facebook, email, or gmail account where you already have set your location!

tunein unblocked hola

4. Enjoy Absolute Radio online from anywhere in the world – even if you are in France, Canada, Australia or even Africa does orphanage work! As you can see, I am!

Absolute Radio Online



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    by Vlaicu Sorin

    Traveler, trying to be a photography, hostel lover , backpacker, beer hunter. In search for the perfect place.

    13 Replies to “How to Listen to Absolute Radio Online”

    1. 1

      Hi Sorin, I am just wondering if you are still able to get Absolute Radio through TuneIN and Hola? It worked for me for a few weeks, but seems to have been blocked now.

      • 2
        Vlaicu Sorin

        hey Chris. Which country are to trying to listen from? I can still listen online Absolute Radio via hola and tuneIN. Usually I open and search for the keyword absolute and then click play on the radio stations. Sometimes it gets disconnected for a few seconds but it buffers again. Try not to put the previous day link!
        I am having the free Hola and still works!

        • 3

          I am in Canada. I listened through the Absolute Radio website for the last year. Then I switched to TuneIN, and finally added Hola. It worked through the beginning of Jan, but has stopped altogether the last few weeks. I just get the annoying woman saying it is not available in my country. I have tried switching Hola to UK vpn, and Irish vpn.

          • 4
            Vlaicu Sorin

            trying deleting your chrome history and then add Hola again. For me it worked both on Irish and UK VPN with Hola. And do hate that voce, too:)). Luckily I do not hear it anymore. Hope you manage to listen again. Hard seeing my work day without Absolute Radio!

    2. 6

      Hello Sorin….Claudina here from Mexico City…I’d been a fan of Absolute Radio (Virgin Radio) for over 8 years and was devastated when I could no longer listen…it’s been almost 8 months and now that I tried the Hola app I can listen on TuneIn…just wanted to say a big thank you!!!…let me know when your travels bring you to Mexico 🙂

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