Rwanda Homestays | Why to try a homestay in Rwanda

Home stays came change your views about a country and makes you understand their culture. After not such a good experience in Laos, mainly due to our tourists way of acting, I decided it’s time for a Rwanda Homestays. This time Africa, Rwanda, Masenze; close to the mountains gorillas  But I was not after them, but after a unique experience. And I did find it!

After 2 days of comfort and hot showers at Red Rocks Hostel in Musanze, moved 2 km down the road to a normal Rwandese House. Don’t expect luxury  actually do not expect anything while experience the home stay in African Country. Expect only good, good time and lovely food and guests.

Rwanda Home Stay

The BedRwanda Home Stay

Simple Cross

Arrived at noon at the location and was presented to the guest. The guide told me that the guest speaks not very good English, but some relatives whom may came to visit her, know better English. The “problem” was not their English was NOT. It was to be an interesting, doing the hands language night.

Rwanda Home stay - women

Not even 5 minutes after my arrival the children started to pour into the house. The difference between the Ugandese children and the Rwandese one is quite big. The first speaks  well English and the latest speak no English at all. So, of course they are shy because they don’t know how to talk. Almost all the children start the greeting with: Good Morning! Even if its 10 o’clock in the night!

Happy Kids

Rwandese Children

Rwanda Homestay
Rwanda Homestay

More Happy Kids

Eating the hot potato!

Mine’s starting the only real conversation with words with Good Morning Teacher! That reminds me of the good times of the teaching the baby class in Uganda. The rest of the night was only smiling and imitating each other. Which was pretty fun!

The communication between the lady host and I was done throwing Florien, whom was the brother-in-law. His English was decent enough for his 56 years  old.

Next was the dinner “ceremony”. Basic food was to be on the table: beans, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and some peanuts power. The first dish done was a mix between a vegetable and the sliced tomatoes, onion, and the peanut powder was added. Then it was time for the potatoes to be fried. Finally the beans were cooked in the same time with the bananas.

The night continued next to the warm of the fire, which brought me memories from childhood when I was sitting next to the fire for some hours just watching it and being careful not to get extinguished.

Music was present too; from a Nokia phone, Florien put interesting Rwandans music and Catholic music as well. To be honest, I liked both. They were simple, but in the same time profound. I liked that the children knew the lyrics and started to sing. The night was almost perfect.

Food was better than expected; in special the vegetable mix was incredible good.

Cooking the dinner

Rwandese Meal

Rwandan Food

Storytelling was only about the family  Where the children are right now, about the Florien garden which is more like a botanical garden and how is the village, simple life is better than the city one. Genocide questions? I do think this is a taboo subject in Rwanda. I was afraid to ask about it cause did not know on which side he won. While watching a movie about the Rwandan genocide at the Memorial, one victim was said that 5% of the people were good and helped, 5% had been neutral and 90% had been held. I don’t know which  does Florien represent so, better not to know. To be honest it was one of the best experience I have ever had during my travels. Anytime when you have a chance, try the Rwanda Homestays!

rwanda homestays
rwanda homestays


by Sorin

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