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Top 7 Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides (2024 Updated)

Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides

Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides
Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides


When it comes to the Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides there is no short of such activities around the world. From Napa Valley in United Stated to the Safaris in Africa and Bagan Valley in Myanmar there are plenty of choice to make your holiday more memorable.

Balloons over Napa – United States of America 


The balloon ride in Napa is a must if you are visiting the vineyard in California. The balloons fly in  Napa all year round. Factors like outside air temperature, weight being carried in the basket and weather determine the duration of the flight.

Delicious pastries and coffee are served before taking to the sky to see the sunrise over Napa Valley.

The balloons can carry  6, 12, 16 and 20 passengers. Prices start from 239$/person and a wine tour package with balloon ride & wine taste in Napa starts at 349$/person.

The ride ends in style with an great leisurely brunch with mimosas at Domaine Chandon.

Where to book:

Balloons Over Bagan – Myanmar

Even if it started in 1999, the hot air balloon ride in Myanmar is a hidden gem. But in the same time if the most popular activity in Bagan and Myanmar. More than 30,000 people take the balloon ride in Bagan and around Myanmar every year.

There are 3 companies who operate in Myanmar and a total of 23 balloons in the air every day from October to April when the balloon season is at the best. During rainy season from April to September there are no balloon ride in Myanmar.

The balloons can carry  2, 8, 16 passengers There are honeymoon tours available and the price is more than 4000$/ride.

Best time to visit Myanmar and to do the balloon ride is November and February.



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Prices start from 310$/person for the standard services ( 16 person in the basket) and 320-330$ for the premium services as the one offered from Oriental Ballooning.

Where to book Balloons Over Bagan


Balloons Over Cappadocia  – Turkey 

Almost half a million people did the balloon ride in Cappadocia in the past year and most of them consider it one of the most beautiful hot air balloon rides in the whole world!

Every day at sunset & sunrise more than 150 balloons are simultaneous in the air! The Cappadocia region is visited by around 2.5 million local and foreign tourists every year, with around a fifth of these visitors opting to take a balloon flight.

Göreme is the number one place in the world in terms of the number of flights per day with more than 100 daily balloons on average per day and 150 balloons per day during high season

That would make an awesome photo from the ground as well!

There are 4 packages to be choose in Cappadocia:

    • Standard Flights – 20 or 24 people baskets with 4 compartments with prices starting at 160€/person
    • Comfort Flights -16 people baskets with 4 compartments with prices from 180€/person
    • Deluxe Flights – 8 or 12 people baskets with 2 or 4 compartments with price starting from 250€ per person.
    • Exclusive Flights – only 2 or 4 persons in the basket. Prices start from 450 to 500€/person



We had such grand plans for taking photos in Cappadocia . We were going to wake up before dawn one day and walk over to Sultan Cave Suites to take pretty photos on their Instagram-famous balcony. I was going to put on makeup and a dress and look energetic in our shots . Zero of those things happened. As it turns out, my motivation to drag myself out of bed at 5am, put on makeup and a dress, and fight crowds of people to take photos in the cold was absolutely zero . My motivation to drag myself out of bed at 5am for our first-ever hot air balloon ride, though? Limitless . Cappdocia was absolutely magical–rising softly into the air in a small basket above the landscape and villages with hundreds of other balloons around us was so amazing I even forgot about being scared of heights (after the first few minutes, anyway) . … Just don’t expect any beautiful photos at dawn from us other than the ones we took while actually in a balloon . . . . #cappadocia #cappadociaturkey #ig_turkey #igersturkey #hotairballoon #balloonride #photosinbetween #thatsdarling #thatauthenticfeeling #unlimitedparadise #mytinyatlas #gltlove #wearetravelgirls #citylimitless #culturetrip #passionpassport #acolorstory #abmlifeiscolorful #allshotturkey #allthecolors #göreme #travelstoke #wefoundluxury #viewfromthetop #takemethere #stayandwander #timeoutsociety #traveldeeper #sheisnotlost #adventureculture

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Where to BookBalloons in Cappadocia.


Balloons Over Sossusvlei – Namibia

There are many amazing balloon ride in Africa you can do from Serengeti National Park or Maasai Mara National Park – Tanzania & Kenya to Tarangire National Park – Tanzania and Okavango Delta in Botswana  or Kafue National Park –Zambia.

Seeing the exotic animals from above and taking photos while they are running can be a bit tricky. But taken photos of the amazing Namibian Desert is the perfect trip for a balloon ride in Africa.

An hour and a half trip over the Sossusvlei area will include Conception Bay, a seal colony, shipwrecks and even old diamond miners camps.

The duration of the excursion is approximately 3½ hours. The Hot Air Balloon flight itself takes about one hour and ends with an exclusive Champagne Breakfast at the landing spot in scenic nature. The Breakfast is followed by a Nature drive back to Sossusvlei Lodge.

The balloon ride in Namibia is all year round except from 15th  January to 15h February.

Prices for the balloon ride in Sossusvlei, Namibia start from 435€ to 465€ person.


Where to book Balloons Over Africa.


Balloons Over Arenal Arenal – Costa Rica 

Costa Rica provides unquestionably the Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides in the world— low and slow drifting, over rain forests or mountain villages, caressing the tops of giants trees, dipping into white water rivers, and chasing monkeys in the treetops. All this over the active volcano of Arenal in Costa Rica.

The average flight is about 1 hour 15 minutes and depends on the wind direction.

The price for the balloon ride in Arenal Costa Rica is 385$/person with minimum passengersers in the basket requited.


Where to BookBalloons over Costa Rica


Balloons Over Inle Lake – Myanmar 

A truly hidden gem for the balloon ride in Myanmar and who would have thought to be one of the most beautiful hot air balloon rides? We must try this experience in Myanmar! I did tried it and it was amazing! With only 2 or 3 balloon operating on daily basis from November to March and with only 2 or 4 person the the basket makes the balloon ride in Inle a perfect ride with a great price & a lot of space in the balloon.

Balloon flight takes longer than any other places as Bagan or Napa. You can be in the air around 2 hours. And not to mention that there are chances for the landing to be on the water! How cool is that?

Price for the balloon ride in Inle starts from 330$/person.

Where to bookBalloons Over Inle

Balloons over Antarctica 

The possibilities for adventure in the Arctic are only limited by your imagination.  Have you ever imagined having a  hot air ballooning over the glaciers, polar bears and icebergs? Most beautiful hot air balloon rides but in the same time one of the most expensive balloon ride in  the world. 

And if you are a fan of cold and ice we should definitely try the balloon ride in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. All the rides are private and based on request only.

Only 2 or 3 persons including the pilot are fitting in the basket.

Where to book Balloons over Canada.



I did tried only 3 balloons ride from the above list. On my bucket list next is Costa Rica, both as a country and as a balloon ride as well. What is yours?


by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.