Pros and Cons of Last Minute Travel Offers


Last-minute travel offers have become popular, and this is no surprise. Imagine that you have long wanted to visit any country and now you have the opportunity to realize your dreams. Many travel agencies offer different options depending on your budget and preferences. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of last-minute travel offers?

Here’s what you need to know ahead of time to avoid pitfalls.

The Main Pros

  1. Last Minute Travel Deals Can Be Quite Cheaper

Imagine that you can save up to 50% of the original price on your trip to any country. Many tour operators offer favorable prices, which become the main motive for travel. People love affordable deals. In addition, this type of tourism is ideal for students. You can even pay someone to write an essay while you are relaxing on the beach. Isn’t this a great option for relaxation?

  1. The Ability to Experiment

Usually, most people are quite conservative and do not like to change their habits. Affordable prices and the factor of surprise are the main motives for going on a trip. Imagine that you’ve always wanted to visit Jamaica and now you can make your dream come true.

A passion for experimentation motivates many people to travel, and this is a great idea. However, you shouldn’t deny yourself new emotions.

  1. Excursions and Extra Bonuses

Last-minute travel offers often imply extra bonuses like excursions, meals, souvenirs, and other surprises. If you are a picky tourist and are accustomed to a classic vacation, then such a variety of bonuses will delight you. In addition, you can save on excursions and extra services like massage, spa or gym. The exact list of bonuses depends on the tour operator.

  1. An Opportunity to Experience Extreme Emotions

Imagine that you can blindly choose any tourist offer and play the so-called Russian roulette. Isn’t this a great way to experience extreme emotions? Click on any icon on the tour operator’s website and go on your journey. Perhaps this format of relaxation will allow you to enjoy the feeling of surprise. How about Brazil, Mexico, China, or South Africa? You have an endless variety of options.

The Main Cons

  1. You Cannot Pre-order the Last Minute Tour in Advance

The main disadvantage of such tours is the impossibility of pre-ordering. As a rule, travel agencies provide last-minute travel offers one week before the actual date. That is why you will not have several months to prepare the required amount.

Also, it will be difficult for you to agree on a vacation if you do not warn your boss.

  1. You Need to Be Very Flexible With Dates

Usually, last-minute travel offers are convenient only for freelancers who can work anywhere in the world. If you are a doctor, lawyer, construction worker, or teacher, this type of vacation is unlikely to be available. That is why such offers can be chosen only when you have at least a couple of weeks to rest and not worry about work or children.

  1. Last Minute Flights Quite Often Leave Very Early in the Morning or Late in the Evening

And here is the third drawback, which is especially unpleasant for many people. The fact is that travel agencies are trying to save money and negotiate with airlines and hotels in advance. So this is why morning and night flights are so popular.

Therefore, you will have to get up very early or stay up all day not to miss your plane. Are you ready to deal with this discomfort?

  1. You Might Not Like the Hotel or Country You Finally End up in at All

You are unlikely to choose a tourist offer blindly, so this disadvantage can be considered conditional. However, you should learn in advance about all the nuances since tour operators may indicate tricky conditions or not inform you about any details. Try to find out where you will be living and what services you can expect.

Other Things You Should Know About

As a rule, people tend to pay attention to the price, and other aspects worry them less. This strategy is partly justified since not everyone is willing to spend thousands of dollars over the weekend. But the problem is that a low price can mean low-quality service.

You should check in advance which hotel you will be staying in. Also, the tour operator must tell you about meals and excursions that are included in the tariff. Spend at least 10 minutes researching each offer, so you don’t get disappointed with your vacation.

Final Words

Your vacation can bring you a lot of positive emotions if you know in advance about all the advantages and disadvantages. The point is that last-minute travel offers are a set of compromises, and you should be aware of this. However, you can always take a chance and go on a trip. All you need is common sense and a little time to study each sentence.

by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.