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Red Rocks Rwanda Hostel is the best option to stay in Musanze is you want to do the gorilla trekking!

Musanze is the main departing point for the Gorilla Trekking Tours in Rwanda. That means there are plenty of accommodation options. From Backpackers places to 5* luxury hotels.

Rwanda is not a cheap country; compared to the neighbouring countries is expensive. Compared to the European one can be still considered cheap. Accommodation does not break this rule either. Prices rarely drop under 15$ per person for backpacker places. For a solo traveler can be not such a good deal.

The place is not in the city center; its more remote located in the rural part of Musenze. If you are looking for a quiet place, the Red Rocks is the place to Musenze, Rwanda.

Red Rocks Hostel Rwanda Musenze

Location:10 min. from Musenze Bus Station.

The cost from the main bus station in Musenze to Red Rock Hostels is 500-700 Rwanda Francs depending on your negotiation skills. At some  point make left and then drive till you see the sign. During daytime it’s easy to be found. During night, not that sure so you must have a driver who knows the place. The good thing about Red Rocks Hostel is the location. Far away from the city, surrounding by the houses of the friendly Rwandese people, the serenity of the place. The bad thing is that just in front of the hostel a new University will be built. So bye bye a quiet place. Welcome interactive place. The good thing is that the rooms will be soon relocated a bit far from the University place and the actual rooms will be transformed into a pub/bar place.

Red Rocks Hostel Rwanda Musenze

Atmosphere : Not a party hostel; if you are looking for one in Rwanda you might not find one. During my stay I was the only guest in the guesthouse. There are no shops around the hostel – only a small shop opened only during the day – and bars or other things like that it’s impossible to find close to the place. If other guest would have been accommodated, maybe the atmosphere would have been different.

Cleanliness & Rooms : There are 6 rooms available. 2 with king size bed and 4 with twin beds. What I liked about the rooms was the decoration of the room and care about the details. Clean sheets and every room had a mosquito cover.

The bathroom is big and hot shower is working perfectly.

Red Rocks Rwanda Red Rocks Rwanda Rooms


 Security : I think you don’t have to worry about the security in Rwanda. People are so nice and thieves are so rare; probably the policeman has nothing to do all day long. Being alone might have had an insecure feeling. But every night I was given a key, locked the place and that was all.

Services and prices: Breakfast is included; as usual in Africa: toast, eggs, butter, jam, fruits like bananas and pineapple. Dinner is not included, but you can have it for $6: rice, meat stew and other vegetables. Highly recommended.

Rwandese Food

I was saying accommodation is not that cheap in Rwanda. I paid for the room 20$ per night. And it was not high season. But the price/quality was fair.

There are also available tents which can be rented if you don’t have your own. The price is less than 10$ per night.

Recommend it : 8,5/10.

If you want, you can play volleyball at the field close by. Or just relax in the garden. If you are an active person, can book one of the tours available on the board in the main room of the guesthouse.

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by Sorin

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