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Travel Blog Guest Posts


I have started this blog more than 7 years ago with the desire of keeping my family update while I am traveling around the world. The idea of a travel blog guest posts did not occur to me until recently even if I knew about it as an option to increased my rankings in SEO.

Till 2 years ago I did not checked regularly my emails and all guest posting requested were treated as a spam; some deserved and some no. After 7 years and due to the pandeming cause by the chinese virus from Wuhan I switch the blog mainly from travel related post to affiliate marketing post and less than 1% to travel guest posting from other travel blogger or blog outreach services.

As an travel blog owner you do have the dilemma: should I except free guest posting, asking for a fee or go with an link exchange. The below remarks are made based on my 3 years interaction with many requests.

Free Travel Blog Guest Posts vs Paid Guest Posting

Travel Blog Guest Posts
Travel Blog Guest Posts

I rarely do accept free guest posting. And not because I am an mean person and avid for the money. Most of the free link insertion or free guest posting I do offer to fellow travel blogger (small or big there is no difference) which are linking their non-commercial website (even if they website does Amazon affiliate or a similar affiliate program)

I do not accept free guest posting from person who are doing link building as a business and the added do follow link is for a commercial website. Why should I offer you something for free when you ask money from your client (and quite a lot) and I get nothing?

As it does takes time for that article to rank on Google (most of the time it rarely goes on top 10 – it happened only 1 time with an article) and most of them even if there are OK written there are not very attractive for Google!

Hint: Use a Guest program website as Loganix to get more quality leads for your website and an extra income.

Travel Blog Guest Posts Link Exchange

Links are dead – if you listen to Google or some SEO people. Links are never dead and will never be dead as they do matter to rank better in terms of similar content quality. So you do need links to rank better for a certain keyword or page.

Most of the time I am not interested in a link exchange – but I do say yes to fellow travel bloggers, only. My history with link exchange are not very good and it’s a patterned it happened to me in the past years.

First. it’s time wasting. My that I mean – we do have to check over and over again in time if your link is still on that page. It happened a few times (even after a short period) that the link is gone so just time waste.

Second is bad link building. And I don’t refer to bad website (as I usually do check the website before) but the insertion of a gaming or casino link in the text). First, the anchor text link is a clean one but the addition link which the landing page is a reputable website (from 3 keywords) 2 have the link of that website and one keyword is a casino or a gaming website. It did happened 2 out of 2 while going for a link exchange and since then I never say yes for this kind of request.


Travel Guest Posts Guidelines for

  1. No spammy content
  2. Has to be travel related
  3. Does not include affiliate links, casino, gambling or porn
  4. Minimum 500 keywords with a focus keyword (1).


What Travel Blog Guest Posts Services are worth using

The travel guest posting request come either from individual or from different outreach or guest posting websites. My below remarks are based on my interaction with them in the past few years. All below links building services are paid one ( you can either add your website and make extra money or buy links).

Great communication and easy integration. Order come quite often and the automatic program they are using is great and not too much time wasted on communication. Payment goes well and fast.

Orders 5/5

Trust – 5/5

Whitepress is an european guest posting platform (from Poland if I am not wrong) with a good platform, easy to navigate and a few orders in the past month. I liked the customer services (they seems to have local staff in different languages).

Orders 4/5

Trust – 5/5


I liked very much their dashboard. Communication was not too bad but a bit slow and too much auto reply. Did not manage to get any order so far even if I did some testing and lower the price to see if it works or not.

Orders 1/1

Trust 3/5


Same as above.


Linkdeploy is a rent link building services. You are being paid for a link insertion (rathern then guest posting) on monthly basis. You can rent that link for few months/ 1 year and then the client decided does not needed it anymore and you can remove the link. Interface is very basic but easy to navigate and everything is very automated from links request to payment.

Orders 4/1

Trust 5/5 blog information according to and 

Guest Posting Services
by Sorin

Sorin is a freelance travel writer. He is an experienced travel writer and traveller. Since 2012 he explored more than 60 countries on 4 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently is based in Romania after spending the last 7 years in Myanmar.