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There are two ways to go up to Table Mountain, Unesco World Heritage Site and declared on of the new 7 natural wonders of the world. The easiest and the expensive one by cable car. Round trip costs 185 rands which is $18. Buying online the ticket can skip  the queues at the ticket office and be a bit cheaper.

The second option, which is free is to go by foot, up to the Table Mountain. There are more than 250 routes available. You can even go by bike!

Table Mountain South Africa Hike Route

I didn’t stress to find the route or the best itinerary for the second day. Johns, a very organized german took care of everything. Including in buying the food and water for the next day.

So, 4 people; me, the German guy and 2 Dutch started early in the morning. We decided to walk from the town to the base of the start of the route. This way we would see the city and the suburbs. Which was not such a bad idea. Seeing how the rich people live and their houses made me want one.

For me, also it was a test for the Kilimanjaro; to see how fit I am and if I will have a chance to do it. The first part into the town was only up and made me stop and take a pause. The heat was intense too, and the sun very strong. And of course I didn’t have a hat. Since the robbery I didn’t buy a new one. Luckily bought one at the shopping place at the Table Mountain. Not even $5 for a decent hat. The prices in South Africa are decent even in the touristy areas; this is the way to make tourism!

2 hours after and we begin the ascent to the top. We choose the Platteklip Gorge, less scenic like the The India Venster, but the easy one. I don’t know what to say about easy. Maybe in terms of not being dangerous. It was almost a 3 hour ascent, only going up on the rocks in steps style. The sun is strong made it harder.

Table Mountain South Africa Hike
Table Mountain South Africa Hike

Always carry enough water with you! I always do that since the Retezat incident when the lack of water almost made me collapsed on the route. We actually met some guy, in jeans and snickers, whom run out of water. Luckily we had enough and gave to them too.

After 30 min on the climb there is a water spring; I suggest to fill up with fresh water here; or to carry at least 3l of water with you.

I was decent on the first part of the journey; on the second part, my limits have begun to appear. It was not about to succeed or not; it was more about how the hell I am going to do the Kilimanjaro if I can be able to finish a damn 3 hours easy route for the Table Mountain South Africa Hike! I was to find how, later in the beginning of June. Pole, pole was the answers.

Platteklip Gorge not a scenic route? Well, for me it was. Don’t know how are the rest of the route in terms of landscapes and Cape Town views but I enjoyed and liked it!

Table Mountain South Africa Hike
Table Mountain South Africa Hike

Up on the plateau was even nicer. A short picnic at 1018m above the sea level, many shots taken from any other  angle, shopping and a nice coffee.

Table Mountain South Africa Hike
Table Mountain South Africa Hike

We decided not to go down by foot; we are a bit tired and not ready in case of night would have caught us on the road. So, we all agree to wait for the sunset and to take the last cable down. The waiting worth it!

Sunset on the Table Mountain South Africa Hike and the seeing Cape Town at sunset is very spectacular. The sunset in the Southern Hemisphere is almost at the same time during the year around 18.00PM. The last cable car down is at 18.00. So it’s not the full sunset you are going to see. And it happens very slowly too.

by Sorin

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