Vietjet Air Review | Flight from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh

Vietjet Air, famous for their bikini stewardese, opened the Yangon to Ho Chi Minh route last year. Flights are daily with the departure from Yangon at 13.00pm (before used to be 12.30pm) and arrival just in time for a iced vietnamese coffee at 15.45pm in Ho Chi Minh City. If you want an earlier flight to HCMC from Yangon, Vietnam Airlines has a flight 12.10 pm, everyday except Monday and Saturday.

Vietjet Air Check in Experience: Yangon

Vietjet Air flies from Terminal 2 at Yangon Airport, the old terminal for international departures and arrivals. Except them there is only one more company there and it does not look as a modern as the new Terminal 3 in Yangon. Even so it was a very long queue and it took us more than one hour to do the check in. Staff in Yangon was polite and well trained.

The boarding in Yangon was late almost 45 minutes; the flight from Ho Chi Minh was late and so our flight from Yangon.

Yangon International Airport
Yangon International Airport

For the Yangon route, Vietjet Air uses a Airbus A320 (twin-jet) model. It can accommodate up to 150 people. The flight from Yangon was fully booked; a good branding in the Myanmar media and smart investment in their Facebook Page and ads made Vietnam a popular destination for Myanmar people.
Seat and quite comfortable and I was lucky to get the emergencies seats in the place; as you know the space is bigger on those seats. In the same time the flight attendants did not properly explained (as they should have) our role in case of an accident).

Flights attendance

I did not have the luck to see the bikini girls of the Vietjet Air, nor at the return flight. As for the staff it did the nothing special for a low cost airlines. I was expecting for more smiles but maybe there were tired after the first flight.

In Flight Meal

In flight menu Vietjet Air
In flight menu Vietjet Air

Being a low-cost carrier, Vietjet Air does not offer free meals. Prices are double standard – double for International flights and normal for domestic flights. Don’t understand this double price policy; the taxes for food on airlines are double for international passengers ?

Menu Vietjet

We have ordered orange juice and instant noodle. The instant beef noodle was 2,5$ or 50.000 VND and the juice (served with ice), 2$ or 40.000 VND. Prices for all the food and drinks are normal and not too high. The instant noodle was good (my girlfriend saying); juice was not that made but it had a different taste regarding what I drink. before.


In flight menu Vietjet Air

Vietjet Air Check in Experience: Ho Chi Minh City

Vietjet Air has the main hub on HCH International Airport which is located in the city and to the downtown is less then 25min depending on traffic. On departure I have decided to book a hotel close to the Ho Chi Minh Airport; walking distance 5 minutes.

Vietjet Air Check in Counter
Vietjet Air Check in Counter

There were no designed check in for the Yangon flight – all common with other destination. I have arrived more than 1h and 30min before the departure. But the process of check in was very slow. I have chose a bad line and a very, very slow employee. I am not sure if it was his first day at work or this was his way of working – double checking everything, not knowing the visa procedure for the destination country and so on.

Tan Son Nhat Airport

It was a queue of no more than 7 person and it took more than 1h for everybody. Usually the last baggage drop at the counter is between 20 minutes and 40 minutes before the flight departure. Vietjet Air has a time of 50 minutes. Of course I have passed that time and of course it took him more than 10min to do my check in – not knowing exactly about the business visa for Myanmar.

The Flight

From Yangon and Ho Chi Minh the flight duration is 1.45 minutes (extra 30min added because of the time difference). There were no turbulence during the flight and the landing was without any ears problem (usually happens because the pilots go down very fast). Secondly it was not that cold in the plane as many airlines forget to rise the temperatures to a normal one.

Inside Airplane

Vietjet Air Flight Price & Bookings

I have traveled in a high season period for Myanmar (during the Myanmar New Year) and low season for Vietnam. I paid 122$ per for return from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh. There are many sales on their website and you can get a fare around 70-80$ round trip from Yangon during this period without the baggage which is not included in the price. Baggage allowance for Vietjet Air is 15kg per person/baggage.


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by Sorin

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