What should you do if you get injured during a business trip?


Business trips are part and parcel of some professions. Many employees travel to far-off places to meet stakeholders and work on different business prospects. You may travel within the same state or to international places for work. Sometimes, accident at work happens while you are on a work trip.

The injuries can be traumatic or leave you with a long-term disability.

Many people wonder whether they should inform the employer about the incidents and ask for compensation.

The confusion arises because of the unclarity around the basic meaning of a business trip. This article mentions the purpose and the steps you should take after getting injured on a business trip.


What is a business trip?

A business trip, as the name suggests, is a trip related to work. It can be to a distant place or somewhere within the work week.

Any employee going out to meet business prospects and different people and finish any work-related chore during the scheduled or overtime hours is counted as a business trip. You can label the damage you receive while on a business trip due to an accident, slip & fall, etc., as a business trip injury.


Things to do when a accident at work happens during a work trip?

It is critical to understand that not only physical injuries but health issues like food poisoning, vomiting, etc., due to consumption of contaminated water during the trip also account for business injuries and damage. Here is a checklist of things you should do:


Medical care

accident at work
accident at work

First things first, you should take medical treatment for your health issues. If you feel the illness is minor, such as a mild fever or cold, you should still seek medical attention to supervise any major problems. If the symptoms linger or worsen, you may need immediate medical attention and supervision. Fortunately, concierge house call doctor services exist to provide professional care whether in your home or the office so that you can receive the treatment necessary without having to leave the comfort of your environment.

Also, get the prescription and doctor’s advice in writing. Ensure to take the receipt for your fee and the medicines you buy. Keep a record of the medical treatment. In addition, you should rest and follow the doctor’s advice to get well at the earliest.


Connect with an attorney

No matter where you are, you should chat with a personal injury attorney after receiving medical care for your health problems and injuries. An attorney will help you through the process of filing your deserving compensation against the liable party.

The attorney will check your insurance and company’s policies to understand the matter and suggest further the process. The lawyers are trained to gather the required evidence and negotiate with the insurer to get you your deserving compensation.


Inform your employer

When you return to your senses, you should inform your employer or the immediate supervisor about the incident and the injuries you have suffered. It is one of the requirements to make your illness claim valid. The company is responsible for sending you the compensation and medical care amount even if you are miles away.

Whether you have a traumatic brain injury or a slip disc, it is essential to inform the employer.


File an accident report – Accident at work

As per the situation and place of the accident, you can decide whether to call the police or the site’s management. For instance, you will need to file an accident report if you are injured in a car accident. At the same time, you will first inform the authorities if you are hurt in a slip and fall case. In some cases, you may not understand who to contact; in such situations, the safer option is to file a report with the local police.

It is important to keep the authorities in the loop, so you are not the only one who knows about the incident.


Collect the details and document the incident

It would help if you did not cease taking pictures and videos of the incident area. Take photos of the injuries, vehicles involved, or the place of incident to ensure that you have the required evidence for filing the claim against the responsible party. In addition, experts suggest collecting a copy of the police report to strengthen the case and collect information about the witnesses.


Pay attention to what you speak.

It is human nature to start apologizing for the moment something happens. Even when it is somebody else’s fault, we tend to take it upon ourselves and justify our side of the story. In claim and compensation cases, paying attention to whatever you speak is critical.

Experienced attorneys recommend not agreeing to any fault or justifying your side of the incident.

First, consult with an attorney and let him talk to the liable parties.


Wrap up

Getting injured while on a work trip can leave you wondering whether you have any rights to compensation[. Yes, you can claim the reward for all the damage caused due to the accident on a business trip. Ensure to connect with an experienced lawyer to proceed with the claim.

by Sorin

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