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Why Student Apartments Are Better Than Regular Rentals


Off-campus housing has been associated with living in a dormitory, which is not always the case. These kinds of apartments are not managed or owned by the school but are located near the college. They only allow students to rent the apartments.

Off-campus housing provides students with better living arrangements and more space than living in regular rentals. If you decide to live outside the school, you should live in student apartments or regular rentals. To assist you in making the right choice, below are reasons why student apartments are better than regular rentals.

Student Apartments Offer Support

When you live in an off-campus apartment, fellow students surround you. This provides a support network that you need and a great bonding experience. However, when you live in regular rentals, you will be surrounded by different people. You will make friends with neighbors, but you will not get the support and sense of community you would have gotten through living in a student apartment.

You Will Save Money

save money
save money

Regular houses around a college are not always affordable. You might need to have a part-time source of income to pay rent. Off-campus apartments are more reasonable than regular apartments, and this will give you more time to concentrate on your studies. These off-campus apartments also offer affordable prices since they are competing with the on-campus houses. They have lower prices as compared to college housing.

Non-student apartments are primarily marketed for people with a source of income. Therefore, it can be costly for students. The off-campus landlords understand that students are relying on parental help, loans, and part-time jobs to pay for their apartments, and there, the prices tend to be lower.

Signing Your Own Lease

With student apartments, you are allowed to sign your lease. It is advantageous signing your lease instead of sharing it with a roommate. In case your roommate fails to pay the rent, you will not be answerable. In regular rentals, your roommate may decide to leave, and you will have to pay the rent. In off-campus housing, you do not need to worry about such incidents.

Tailor-Made Facilities

rooftop pools
rooftop pools

Off-campus housing provides more freedom than regular rentals that include several restrictions. Off-campus accommodation also tends to have some luxury. The main difference are the rooftop pools, the private bathrooms, and gated parking that you will only find in on-campus housing.

You will find similar amenities in off-campus housing since the residents share a common interest and age group than regular rentals. Some students’ rentals, such as greenville student apartments have study lounges, games rooms, and other entertainment facilities. Therefore, there will be no need to purchase some household appliances.


The student apartments are usually closer to the school. Instead of commuting to and from school, you can save money and walk to school since the distance is short. Instead of driving or commuting every day for hundreds of miles, it would be better to find a house just closer to the college, which will help in saving time and money.

Quick Acceptance

Student Apartments
Student Apartments

Most student apartment proprietors want young adults to rent their premises, and most of them do not accept renters who are not students. Some rental house managers and property owners are cautious of college students due to their quick life changes and short-term lease needs. Some rental managers prefer tenants with longer commitments.

Off-campus apartment managers understand college students’ habits and are likely to accept students with a plan to pay rent through parental help or loans.

You Can Choose Your Roommate

Choosing the right roommate will determine your learning experience. It is impossible to choose a roommate in on-campus apartments. You can choose whether to stay with your colleagues, friends, or a partner in off-campus housing. You can also choose how many people to live with.


If you consider privacy when searching for an apartment, then off-campus would be better than on-campus housing. In regular rentals, there is no privacy, and you can only enjoy privacy in student apartments. There (student apartments), you get to be independent and have minimal supervision by the house managers.

With the above reasons why student apartments are better, you can now consider off-campus accommodation rather than regular rentals. The reason being you will enjoy privacy, access to better amenities, and you will also have closer access to school. Unlike regular rentals, living in an off-campus apartment will provide many benefits and enhance your learning life.