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How to Get to Ikea Bangna Bangkok ( 2023 Complete Guide)


Living for the past 4 years in Yangon, one of the things I miss and can not easily find in Yangon is  the furniture. Either is super expensive, bad quality or the design is so antique as if I have to live with my grand-grand parents! So Ikea Mega Bangna is the main option for furniture shopping for the expats living in Yangon.

No offence to my burmese friends but why should I want to by a chair who weighs more than 40 kg and has no comfort, utility and takes a lot of space from the living room?

It’s a bit difficult to send the items from Ikea Mega Bangna to Yangon and I have always tried to buy small items so it can fit my luggage.

Is there an IKEA in Thailand?

There are 2 IKEA stores in Thailanda. The closest one to Bangkok and easy access both by BTS & Taxi is Ikea Mega Bangna.

The second store opened in 2020 at it is located in the suburbs of Bangkok: IKEA Bang Yai: located next to Central Westgate in Nonthaburi province, features 50,278 square-meter retail space on three stories. This store is the biggest IKEA store in South East Asia. It can be reached directly with the Purple Line; takes longer than going to IKEA Mega Bangna but we will have more options for shopping for your house!

Ikea Mega Bangna Location 

The Ikea Mega Bangna is located inside biggest mall of Bangkok – Mega Bangna Super Mall on the outskirts of Bangkok and quite close to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The complete direction and address can be found here.


Hotels close to Ikea Bangna in Bangkok

Up-and-coming Bang Na’s modern developments include the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, which hosts consumer fairs and big-name concerts. The area’s large malls offer mid-range and luxury fashion brands, plus chain dining and family-friendly food courts. Street vendors sell noodles and tropical fruit, while ferries and local boats plying the Chao Phraya River stop at Bangna Pier.

There are more than 50 hotels close to Ikea Bangna. Complete list an reviews can be found here.

Ikea Mega Bangna Opening Hours

The Ikea shop inside the Mega Bangna Super Mall is opened daily from 10am to 10pm in the evening. It’s popular during weekends and in the evening of the week. Best time to visit the Ikea Mega Bangna is either in the morning during mid-week.

Ikea Mega Bangna Shuttle Bus

How to get from downtown Bangkok (Sukhumvit Area) Ikea Mega Bangna 

  1. By Grabtaxi

We have decided to go to IKEA quite late in the afternoon and since we had to go by BTS and then by shuttle bus to Mega Bangna we decided to take the Grab Taxi.

Grab Bangkok
Grab Bangkok

 The price of the ride cost us less than 300 thai baht (around 10$) for a 30 min rides from Asoke area to Ikea. It was not traffic and you paid an extra 50 bath to use the highway. The driver asked us if we want to use it and we said yes such to have more time to spend for shopping at the biggest mall in Thailand. If you decided to go by moto the price will be even lower, no more than 170-180 bath.


How do I get from BTS Bangna to IKEA?

2. By BTS & Free Shuttle Bus

We decided for our second visit to Ikea Mega Bangna to use the BTS and then the free shuttle. Depending where you are staying in Bangkok you have to take the Sukhumvit Line (Green) to Samrong Direction (please note that this line is under construction and more station will be opened in the near future so the end name station might change).

From our place we took the BTS only 4 station (22 bath) and then you get down at Udom Suk BTS Station and take EXIT No 5. It’s easy to be seen on which side to go down because the bus station which goes to Ikea Mega Bangna is close to a 7 Eleven.

Both IKEA as well as Meganbangna run free shuttle buses (large 48+ seat intra-city like buses) that operate from the BTS Udom Suk station (next the 7-Eleven) and terminate literally at the front doors of IKEA and Megabangna. I was surprised to see that the buses are very new (compared to the one in the city of Bangkok) and had WIFI (tried to connect but did not work) and even I made to stay on 2 seats even if more than 25 people went on the bus)

IKEA Shuttle Bus Bangkok
IKEA Shuttle Bus Bangkok

The  Meganabgna buses are in an all white design are are free of charge. Don’t need to pay even if you don’t buy anything from the shops or IKEA.

Mega Bangna Bus
Ikea Mega Bangna Bus


Ikea Mega Bangna Shuttle Bus – Schedule

Ikea Shuttle Bus Hour
Ikea Shuttle Bus Hour

The Shuttle Buses from Ikea Mega Bangna runs every 15 or 25 minutes depending on the hour of the day. Schedules are subject to change due to traffic condition and we know that Bangkok has one of the worse traffic in the  world.

The first bus depart at 8am in the morning and the latest one departs IKEA at 11pm in the evening. So if can even watch a movie and go back to the city and catch as well the latest BTS to your hotel in Bangkok.



Where to Eat at Ikea Mega Bangna

First time we have tried the food court in the Mega Mall. It was not very crowded and usually it’s a sign the food is not very good. But we decided to give it a try. Even if there are a few restaurants we hardly find something we liked. I decided to go with some Thai Noodle and it was not the best choose ; food was not even close to the downtown food or even other food courts I tried as the one in Terminal 21.

Ikea Ribs
Ikea Ribs

Second time we had time and decided to go and eat to Ikea. We pick the usually items which are famous for IKEA restaurant – the meatballs and the pork ribs. We took the option with free flow of juice (Peps) as well.


Taste was OK but not compared with the one’s I had in Europe.

Ikea Bangkok Food
Ikea Bangkok Food
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