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King of Belgrade Hostel

Second time in Belgrade, another Rammstein Concert (first in Prague) so I needed to book a cheap hostel. And I found The King of Belgrade. I paid like 5 euro and it was the cheapest hostels I have ever been in Europe. And worth it every penny.

Location : Venizelosova 58, Dorcol. It’s not that great located. The street looks a little bit creepy, but I found the area very safe. It’s a 10 min walk to the city center and 15 minutes from the main train station in Belgrade. The biggest problem in finding the street is the name. All are written  in Cyrillic. What I liked about the location was the fact that the hostel is very close to the Bohemian District of Belgrade, where are located one of the best restaurants in town.

King of Belgrade
King of Belgrade

Atmosphere : nothing special to be honest. The hostel has like 2 rooms, with a very small kitchen and that’s all. No place where to hang out and meet fellow travellers. For a short stay in the town is OK.

Cleanliness & Rooms : The room I stayed – the 10 bed dormitory was clean and the sheets were quite soft and very cleaned. The only complain is about the bathroom – only one in the entire hostel and quite small; not that small but was very crowded with a lot of stuff  like a washing machine. It’s a little bit noisy due to the fact that is the room closest to the road.

Security: I would not recommend you to leave something in the room; in the lockers yes. There are some non-members of the hotel whom are having access in the main lobby of the place.

Services and prices: Basic; that means only accommodation and a PC where you can check your emails. If you are bored you can either go into town for a drink or just go to sleep.

The price for a bed in the 10 dormitory is 8 euro; I paid 5.90 euro when I went there.

Choosing this hotel again when going to Belgrade? For one night, probably; for many nights stay, probably not.

Recommend it : 6/10.

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by Sorin

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