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norr guesthouse addis ababa

Guest House Addis Ababa

Location: Kenenisa Ave,Addis Ababa. If you are staying for one night or two this might be the perfect location for you. Quite close to the airport, no more than 15 minutes drive. To the city center where all the action happens in Addis Ababa is quite far. Can take up to 10 minutes by a taxi and the cost is around 100 birr per way. For the Bole area of Addis Ababa, where most of the clubs and coffee shops are located there is only 5 minutes drive.

Atmosphere & Facilities: Not a backpackers style hostel; its more a guest house style with single and double rooms. There are no dormitory so the interaction with the other guests happens only in the main lobby of the hotel where you can have breakfast as well.

One downside is that there is no WIFI at the place.

No problem with the security in the area or at the accommodation place. Being located more in a business area and having a guarder all the times makes the place a secure one.

Cleanness & Rooms: There are different rooms styles. One’s from the back are much bigger and nicer. Those located in the main building are smaller and the bathroom is not situated in the room; it’s a shared one and are quite small. What I liked about the rooms where the big closets where to put your clothes and stuff.

norr guesthouse room

Norr Guest House Room

The good thing was that the rooms and the toilets were very clean.

Services and prices : Breakfast is included in the room price; we can have it at the hostels. There is a variety of cornflakes, omelets and coffee. Be careful to ask the omelet or the scramble eggs to be without spice stuff in it. The omelet was quite delicious not to mention the coffee; Ethiopian coffee is one of the best in the world.

The standard single room in which I was accommodated cost $18 per night. The double rooms are $12 per person. At these price the breakfast should have been included.

Recommendation : 7/10.

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