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Wifi Pocket in Japan: Sushi Wifi (Trusted by +10,000 Tourists)


If you are looking for the best pocket wifi in Japan out of the numerous Japan pocket wifi rental providers, you should seriously consider getting Sushi Pocket Wifi. I’ve used Sushi Wifi myself during my past trip  to Japan last September.   strongly recommend them for their consistent reliable service and blazing fast “only in Japan” wifi internet speeds. ?

Below i s my review of  Sushi Wi-Fi since a number of people have been asking me on how to stay connected in Japan while on the go.


Buying Before or on Arrival in Japan


Before buying the pocket wifi for my trip to Japan during the Rugby World Cup in 2019 I did some research in order to see which options suits me the best. Most of the websites I found had these message of limited wifi pockets available and especially on Klook offers were running out every day as I was talking with my brother to see which options does suits us the most.

I had the impression that taking the number of tourists coming to Japan and demand of pocket wifi is great, the available items will not be on offer while arriving in Japan. I was wrong as when I have arrived at the Narita Airport  there were a lot of shops which were selling the pockets at a similar price with the one I have purchased only.

So why to buy the wifi pocket before arriving in Japan.

  • Your Arrival flight time is beyond the store opening hours.

If your flight is delayed you might find the stores closed as they are opened from morning till evening only. In this case the best solution is to order online and have it delivered either to your hotel, pick it up from Lawson Stores at the airport. Operating hours: Pick up: 6:30am, until last flight arrival; Return: 7:00am-9:00pm, daily: an example of operating  hours for one wifi pocket provider in Japan. 

  • Gain Time: arriving in high season in Japan and with hundreds of tourists queing for the wifi pocket it will lose a lot of time.
  • The desired pocket wifi type (limited, unlimited, number of days available) is not available anymore when trying to buy on the spot
  • If you don’t have a date plan from your home based phone provider better buy the wifi pocket before and have it picked from the airport. It’s a challenge finding the right


Unlimited vs Limited Wifi Pocket in Japan

The answer to your question depends on many factors. How many devices are you going to use. What are your needs (to you need to upload videos while traveling a bullet train in Japan? Hint: JR Trains to have free wifi but not excellent signal) and most of the train station in Tokyo and around Japan do provide internet service free of charge. How many people are going to use the device?

For my case I have decided to book the unlimited wifi pocket because we were 3 persons traveling on the same time and each of us had a laptop as well to be used while traveling to Japan.

During our 10 days of use of the wifi pocket we have used around 3 GB of data and used only for Google Maps, News, Facebook and uploading some photos.

Wifi Pocket in Japan
Wifi Pocket in Japan

Having an unlimited data plan for your wifi pocket will not make you restrain from using the internet.

An limited 1GB per day of data in Japan can cost you up to 3-5$/ and an limited one can cost you up to 7 to 10$/day. Taking into consideration my used data for my past trip in Japan I would probably go with the limited plan.

Most important thing while booking the wifi pocket package is to have have  the Power Bank included! Since we keep the Wifi Router opened most of the time

5 Reasons Why You Need a Pocket Wifi in Japan


1. Free wifi is not everywhere. 

There are enterie cities in Europe which already have free WIFI in the downtown areas and we are expecting a country as tech as Japan to have internet quite everywhere. But it’s not exactly the case. Even if most of the shops, restaurants and Starbucks in Japan might have free wifi, you still must go in and probably have to buy something in order to access or to ask for the password. If you are in an emergency you will lose a lot of time just going inside. Plus the level of english is very low in Tokyo and in the rural part and it would be very difficult to start a conversation on the very first place!

2. Google Maps: does it work offline in Japan?  

These is a thing of the past. For some location Google does not allow the Google Maps to be downloaded (local laws probably). But this issue has been changed for Japan and now it is available to download the Tokyo Map to your phone. Just be sure to have it downloaded before your trip; otherwise we might need good internet to have it done!

Google Maps Japan
Google Maps Japan

3. Security Issues.

In our days smart phone are just more than a device to make a call. It can be everything for you: your workplace, bank, payment wallet and so one. Free Wifi are one of the easiest way for a hacker to enter your mobile device and steal your credit card details of example. Having a pocket wife for Japan will make this security issue vanish and

4. Public transportation is cheaper than Taxi.

And try to use as much as possible compared with the use of taxi which is very expensive in Tokyo in Japan. I have seen mostly locals using the taxi and I was wondering how rich those persons are taking into consideration how expensive can be a taxi ride in Tokyo

5. Getting lost in easier in Tokyo & Subway 

Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya: everytime I wanted to find a location, subway exit or a restaurant located in a subway we must need internet to located it. Sometimes even with internet it was impossible to find a restaurant; that tricky it is to handle the huge subway intersection  in Tokyo. Most of them are mini-towns and changing a line can take up to 20 minutes (happened several time but I did not got lost)


What is a Pocket Wifi and Why Rent One in Japan?

A pocket wifi is a small portable wifi router which can provide wifi connection up to 45 devices while you are traveling in Japan.

But wait: why I can not use a SIM card as I use most of the time while traveling to foreign countries? But a 1-2$ SIM card and top up with the amount needed to have voice & data.

Japan has one of the most strict rules when it comes to buying and registering a SIM card; plus the shops where there are available the clerks don’t speak english to well so it might take forever to get along!

My suggestion  that you book your Japan pocket wifi rental online at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to be sure it was available . If you will be visiting Japan during spring (Sakura Season )  or autumn peak season, it is better  to book months ahead to secure your pocket wifi rental. I booked 3 days in advance and it was a bit of a challenge to find the perfect wifi pocket for Japan.


Sushi Pocket Wifi Japan


There are a number of pocket wifi rental companies in Japan and my google search led me to 3 different providers with reasonable prices – Japan Wireless, Ninja WiFi and Sushi Wifi. All of these providers rent out high-speed unlimited pocket wifis within similar price range of about USD 50 for 10 days of rental or just about USD 5 per day. Depending on your number of days in Japan some providers have a short term of longer rental wifi period. In the end I have had to go with Sushi Wifi as it was the only option to take it outside Narita Airport. Our AirAsia flight from Yangon was due to arrive early in the morning and shop was not open and the other operators did not have it available online for the period needed to for us.


by Sorin

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